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My Job Myanmar

Local recruitment company MyJobs said it now has more than a million fans on Facebook. MyJobs organizes the largest job fairs in Yangon. WWF-Myanmar (World Wide Fund for Nature) location: Myanmar Latest GBS Jobs. Lutheran World Federation (LWF) Updated: Job exchange in Myanmar |

From newcomers to senior executives, we provide recruitment opportunities for all areas of your company. We can tailor our custom recruitment consulting to your specific needs, ranging from online job advertisements to search & selection and executive search. This new GOOD solution will help organizations find job applicants in industry, safety firms, etc.

In many cases, the candidate for these posts does not have a CV. is the Myanmar training center where you can find out what training classes are available. It' a affiliate site of

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Establishing customer relationships and development of the relation distribution of heavy machinery in accordance with..... Has to have 2 years of professional administrative background..... Myanmar Co., Ltd. Operations - merchandise and sale merchandise Surveillance and control of all merchandise..... Every alumnus 3 to 4 years of pertinent FMCG/beverage industry expertise Good communications skills and.....

Ms Sut has 3 years of professional logistics professional background as a sale prefer..... Has to have 2 years of professional bookkeeping to have professional Admi..... Completely in charge of bookkeeping Invoice preparation Completely in charge of general and..... Has to have 2 years of professional accountant training.....

Has to have more than 5 years of professional administrative working history..... Has to have more than 3 years of surveying engineering expertise to have Auto-CAD (2D).....

It is my task to increase Ireland's carbon footprint in Myanmar.

Brendan Rogers took over as Foreign Minister in Thailand and Myanmar in 2014 after a long and distinguished tenure in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and handed over his mandate to President U Htin Kyaw in April 2016. Meanwhile, a frequent Myanmar official talked to Mr Rogers about his stay in the county, the expatriates in Ireland and the St. Patrick's Day festivities scheduled for later this year.

During your tenure here in Myanmar, what do you want to do? Though Ireland and Myanmar have a similar colourful cultural heritage, many of Ireland's great writers are known in Myanmar, and State Councillor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is so well-known in Ireland that we still have a trip to deepen the relationship between our states.

My task is to increase Ireland's carbon footprint in Myanmar. That means making it easier to increase cross-border trading, developing culture, encouraging tourist activities, making people-to-people contact easier and increasing mutual comprehension. Though I do not live in Myanmar, I am hoping to come to this wonderful land on a regular basis and meet the guides and local communities and, of course, the small Myanmar based Ireland group.

And, of course, I would like to see more businessmen in Myanmar and many Iranian visitors. So what were some of the enjoyable or unexpected things you experienced during your visit to Myanmar? We have a saying in Ireland and in our own language: The Irishmen we believe are among the most inviting individuals in the game.

Now, I have to say that I have also welcomed hundreds of thousands here in Myanmar. There were so many I found kind, inviting, open and generouse with their years. I' ve been to Myanmar four occasions in the last eight month and my fellow Members have been here. Myanmar's small Ireland is a small population.

However, they are lively and inviting. As a small fellowship, they connect well. We have a large Ireland footprint and an open fellowship in Thailand, and we are establishing it in Myanmar. On 25 March there will be an event bringing together the Irishmen, the icelandic people and those who want to be irisian for one whole year.

Hopefully we can find good quality good meal and a lot of laughing and enjoyment (or "craic" as we call it) from Dingle on the south-west coastline of Ireland. St. Patrick's Day celebrations at the Episcopal Mission in Sanchaung will start at 7:30 pm on 25 March.

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