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The Myittar Oo Clinic

The Myittar Oo Clinic and Pharmacy. Articles about Myittar Oo Clinic and Pharmacy. Myoittar Oo Eye Care Centre (information from the FR Embassy).

Cataracts = Cataracts are clouding or clouding of the optic due to ageing, illness or traumatic events that usually prevent the formation of a clear picture on the cornea. When vision impairment becomes significant, surgery to remove the lense may be justified, usually replacing the amount of optic performance that has been compromised with a IOL.

Due to the high rate of cataracts, the most frequent operation is the removal of cats. GLAUCOM = GLAUCOM glaucom = glaucom is a group of disorders of the optical vein that leads to visual impairment and is often characterised by increased IOP. A number of different kinds of operations on erythrocytes and a variety or combination of these kinds facilitates the release of excessive watery humour from the eyes to reduce internal ocular hypertension, and a few that reduce the IOP by reducing the output of watery humour.

Astigmatism = The callus is the translucent front part of the eyes that cover the optic nerve, pupils and anterior part. Different methods of ophthalmic refraction modify the corneal form to minimize the need to correct retinal, macular and vitreous fluid disorders or to enhance the refraction state of theye.

Conjunctivitis = pterygium is an inflammation of the corneal conjunction. Substantial corneal centre expansion can impair visual acuity. Removal of VEGF involves incision, removal with antibiotics or conjunctival grafting. Opuloplasty/ Orbit = oculoplasty, is the branch of the field of opthalmology that deals with the restoration of the ocular and the associated structure.

Vitreo-retinal retinal surgeries = vitreo-retinal ocular surgeries comprise a group of operations carried out deeply inside the eyes with laser or traditional medical instrument. This applies to any procedure to deal with retinal, macular and vitreous body fluids.

Hospital Myittar Oo(MTO) (Myanmar)

There are no ratings in this place. The Myittar Oo(MTO) Clinic is situated at 499, Pyay Road, Ward (8), KMYT, Myanmar. The enterprise is active in the areas of physicians and clinics, hospitals, opticians' shops. This your deal? Refresh your store data by including telephone, website, descriptions, working times, locations on the card, classes and pictures.

Number 459/469, Building C,4. level, Room No, Pazundaung Municipality, Yangon,Myanmar,

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