Discover Myitkyina holiday and discover the best time and places to visit. Activities in Myitkyina, Kachin State: Receive the Myitkyina weather forecast. The Myitkyina Palm Spring Resort is located at Myitkyin? and has a garden and a bar. Byitkyina is a town in Kachin, Myanmar.

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Burmese: ?????????????????; MLCTS: mobil kri: na: mira. expressed[mj??t?íná]; (Eng; mitchinar) Kachin: Myitkyina,[mjìtkjí?ná]) is the state of Kachin in Myanmar (Burma), 1,480 kilometres from Yangon and 785 kilometres from Mandalay. Myitkyina is situated on the western shore of the Ayeyarwady Riviera, about 40 kilometres from Myit-son (Burmese for confluence) of its two main streams (Mali and N'mai).

2 ] It is the most northerly of Myanmar's ports and rail terminals. 3 ] The airport Myitkyina serves the cityscape. Since antiquity, Myitkyina has been an important trade centre between China and Myanmar. The American Baptist misionary George J. Geis and his spouse came to Myitkyina in the Late 1890' and asked in 1900 for the permit to construct a villa there, and the name of the edifice was Geis Memorial Church[4]It is one of the Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) churches in Myitkyina.

The Myitkyina is the most important international aerodrome in the town. They connect the towns of Putao and Mandalay. Lashio International every Monday. To Myitkyina it will take almost 24 hrs Mandalay by rail. Myitkyina Tanai India Strait, known as Ledo Strait, was built according to UK regulations during the colonial age.

Kachin is the Kachin lingua franca. Jinghpo means human in the Jinghpo-languages. A number of locals can communicate in English and Nepali, while most of the city' s residents use Burmese, the local currency of Myanmar. It is now open to foreign nationals to come to Myitkyina without previous approval of the state. The Myitkyina has a damp semitropical environment (Köppen class Cwa) and borders on a savannah environment (Köppen class Aw).

There is Myitkyina University, a seminar on Judaism, a teacher collegium, a nursing education centre, a computer studies collegium and other unique types of universities associated with several seminars in the USA and Asia, in particular Kachin Nawng Nang Kachin Teological Colleg. This is also where I.L.B.C. (International Language Business Center), a network of privately run language centers for Myanmarers is located.

The Myitkyina is a commercial centre of Kachin State. Because of the short-term treaty of iade, goldmines, tea, Kachin State was good in the Chinese area. Well, because of the battles between Kachin KIA insurgents and the ruling armies, all businesses have failed. Much of Kachin State's operations are conducted in Myitkyina.

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