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Myingyan's 37th "Lighthouse" opened in Myingyan

Telenor, the telecommunications company from Norway, has opened its eighteenth edition of its " Lighth House " in Myingyan in the Mandalay area. This add-on means that lightweight homes providing information and education to digitally literate professionals are now available in nine states and territories across Myanmar. By the end of 2018, the companies plan to build 200 lighthouses.

These lighthouses are welfare companies that have set themselves the goal of informing countrywide peasant and municipal municipalities about the broad spectrum of information that is useful both from an economic and a societal point of view on the web. Centers are run by resident businessmen and are open to everyone in the municipality, from peasants to resident businessmen, city residents and village residents equally.

"Our lighthouses are sustained welfare companies that seek to bridge the gap in Myanmar's digitally literally, both in the use of smartphones and computers. With Telenor's technologies, knowledge, channels of excellence and community investments, Light Houses offer an exciting syllabus of e-skills and information programs run by skilled, community-based business people backed by community based promotion efforts and sustained revenue opportunities," said Min Thu, MIR.

Telenor and MIDO have both educated and educated locals to run the centers as socially responsible businesses. Light Houses offers the kind of seminars that are designed for use on the move and computerized. In the section entitled Cellular Basics there are lectures such as the effective use of cell telephones, how to use Viber, e-mail and Facebook, how to look for information on the web and self-learning online language-course.

Computer courses teach the basics of computers, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In order to service clients who cannot personally attend lighthouses, e.g. in towns, Light Houses will soon offer e-learning courses, Telenor said.

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