Myingyan Power Plant

Burgenland Myingyan Power Plant

The Myingyan Natural Gas Power Plant Project (MNGPPP). The Myingyan gas and steam turbine power plant starts to feed 143 MW into the national grid Myingyan gas and steam turbine power plant has started to distribute 143 MW to the national grid, according to a January 4 Myawady Daily reporter. Minygyan Power Company Limited has entered into a build-operation-transfer (BOT) deal with Myanmar's Ministry of Electricity and Energy for its forthcoming 225 megawatt Mandalay power-plant.

As part of the contract, Sembcorp Minygyan Power Company will construct and run the power plant for 22 years, after which the plant will be handed over to the Myanmar state. It will be constructed with two highly efficient 225 MW high output combined cycle power plants and exhaust heatsinks.

The Myingyan power plant will initially supply 143 MW to the national grid. The Sembcorp plant put the plant into operation last weekend after completing the work. Since January 1, two natural-gas turbine engines have been producing electricity on a regular basis, said Dr. Tun Naing, Vice Secretary of State for Electricity and Energy.

On March 29, 2016, the Myingyan Combined-Cycle Power Plant was launched. Myingyan Power will be one of Myanmar's biggest gas-fired power stations and will be playing a pivotal part in covering the country's increasing power needs.

48368-001: Myingyan Natural Gas Power Plant Project

DescriptionThe project involves the erection and operations of a 225 MW CCGT power plant in Myingyan, some 500 km north of Yangon and 90 km west of Mandalay. Ensuring long-term funding from banks necessary for major investment in Myanmar's infrastructures continues to be a major challenges due to a low success story and high levels of policy exposure.

It will enhance the dependability and resilience of Myanmar's energy supplies at a competitively priced price, while at the same time contributing to solving energy bottlenecks and avoiding energy blackouts that hamper inequalities. The first call for tenders for a gas-fired, stand-alone power generation in Myanmar, the success of the energy industry's energy finance close and operations will be an important mile-stone.

In a needs analysis, the power industry was found to be a problem. As part of the CPS, the overall evaluation of the power industry will identify the following medium-term needs: (i) pricing and restructuring reform in this industry; (ii) evaluation and support of renewables and power efficiencies; (iii) hydroelectric power policies and plans; (iv) greening ( "development of transfer and dissemination and remote renewables " projects); and (v) upgrading and developing pipelines.

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