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Myingyan City: map, population, location. Where is Myingyan? The distance between Myingyan and the surrounding cities on the map, list of distance values from Myingyan to nearby places in kilometers and miles. From Myingyan to cities, list and calculate the distance from Myanmar cities and Myingyan, also check the nearest distances. Find ATMs by country, city, area and opening hours.

Myingyan, Mandalay - detailed plan, satelite and other views of the city

The Myingyan is located at 21.47 north Latitude, 95.38 east and 46 metres above seagr. In Myanmar, Myingyan is a large city with about 141,713 people. Myingyan's maps allow you to navigation to, from and through Myingyan in a safe way. With Myingyan's Sat-Viewer, you can see all the topographical detail around your current position or take a virtual tour of Myingyan's roads from home.

You can use your handheld to get route description in Myingyan or find a particular location in Myingyan.

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Town:: Myingyan. City of Myingyan is in Myanmar and here you see the newest card of this city. Or you can find the itinerary on this page by typing the name of the target and then clicking the "Get Directions" tab. Myingyan's latitude and longitude is 21.4667 / 95.3833.

This is the latest map of Myingyan: Is Myingyan latitude and longitude in other entities?

Where is Myingyan from the North Pole?

Where is Myingyan from the Pole? The Myingyan region lies 4,756.37 mi (7,654.63 km) southwards of the Arctic Ocean. Where is Myingyan from the Equator and on which semicorb? The Myingyan region lies 1,463.98 mi (2,356.05 km) just off the coast due to its location just off the coast, in the southern part of the world.

Where is Myingyan to the South Pole? It is 7,684.26 miles (12,366.62 km) from Myingyan to the South Pole in the South. What will I do if I bury a Myingyan pit through the center of the world? It is the point on the earth's face where a line of Myingyan is drawn through the center of the world.

People in Mandalay's Myingyan Township are protesting to keep their waters running.

The Mya Nandar Dam, the only spring for local people, has been destroyed by tens of people in Mandalay's Myingyan Township. MANDEALAY - On Wednesday a dozen inhabitants of the Myingyan municipality of the Hsa Khar community in Mandalay demonstrated against the demolition of the Mya Nandar Dam, the only spring of fresh waters for the inhabitants of the town.

Demonstrators said that the reservoir's waterway was obstructed by an on-going Myingyan municipality development program and that the community could face a lack of rain in the month before the drought. "Because they levelled most of the soil, the river to the Mya Nandar Dam was stopped and the waters went down significantly," said Ye Myint, one of the Hsa Khar demonstrators.

The local people reported that the extension of the country began a months ago near the industrial zone of Myingyan and the small town of Hsa Khar. "We have made several calls to the Ministry to clear the channels, but we have had no reply. Throughout the protests, the inhabitants called for a halt to the plan and the establishment of alternatives to allow the waters to enter the town.

"We don't want the artwork. All we want is our own drink," said Ye Myint.

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