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Forecast for the weather in Myeik, Tanintharyi (Myanmar). This forecast shows the local time for Myeik. The rainy season is overcast in Myeik, the dry season is partly cloudy and it is hot and oppressive all year round.

Myeik, Tanintharyi, Myanmar | 10-day weather forecast & weekend weather

LOOS ANGELES (AP) - The re-opening of Yosemite National Parc cannot come soon enough for Douglas Shaw. Shaw spent $200,000 in loss of income at his 120-person Yosemite property during the busy US park's high tourism year. The largest part of the reserve will be reopened on Tuesday.

Shaw withdrew his bankroll during this period, had to dismiss eight out of 43 staff, and is considering early retirements to prevent a possible career with similar disastrous forest fires in the area. "Had I had no life insurance, which is exhausted, I would fight for cash, or I would have no business," Shaw said Monday.

" Shaw is one of the hundred businesses in small Yosemite municipalities that are dependent on tourism bucks. Ferguson fire is one of several disastrous fires that have occurred in recent months, killing at least a decade of men, most recently a Utah fireman who perished Monday fighting a fire just outside San Francisco.

The Ferguson fire in Yosemite reached its peak in the busyest tourist season. According to the National Parks Service, the number of visitors to the reserve exceeds 600,000 in a typically August. Visitors offices in the area and parks estimate about $50 million in combo tourist dollars wasted, said Steve Montalto, recreational manager at the visit Yosemite Madera County.

"It is of great importance from an economical point of view for the region," said Montalto, who was visiting one of the park's most beloved tourist sites, the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias, when it re-opened on the Monday before the major opening on Tuesday. Said Shaw that his property probably won't be more than 45 per cent of bookings this weekend if it's usually well upfront.

It was only 10 persons who stayed there on Monday evening, he said. Meanwhile, Tom Lambert, who is renting an appartment in the garden, said that he and his spouse had forfeited about $20,000 in livelihood. And, because the flat is situated along one of the entrances to Yosemite Valley, which will be shut for at least a whole weekend, he said his next reservation will be on August 31.

" Parks and tourist offices are trying to spread the news on an international level that the gardens have reopened. They have started to publish images of themselves and attraction attendees along with online photo galleries with #YosemiteNOW on them, and they encourage people to do the same. Concerning the parks itself, the dip in traffic charges will have an effect on improving the parks, such as repairing streets and upgrading amenities, said Scott Gediman, ranger of the parks.

Since those plans are years ahead, Gediman said that all enhancements will be included for this year, but that plans will be affected in subsequent years, although he said it was still too early to know which. A wildfires in Montana on Monday ruined buildings and enforced evacuation from the most congested area of Glacier National Park.

Parks officers said that structures on the northern end of Lake McDonald were doomed, but they did not furnish detail. Altough the fire was included near Yosemite 86 per cent on Monday, attendees will likely be noticing some fumes and may even see flames on their way in, Gediman said. Though Yosemite Valley will reopen Tuesday, a main street from the South, Country Route 41 and a popular parking resort known as Glacier Point will likely stay shut for at least another week for fire plants, Gediman said.

When Gediman was walking through the grounds on the Monday before the re-opening, he said there was a new feeling of excitement among the campers cleaning up the campgrounds and preparing the entryway. "We' re very curious about the re-opening of the park," he said. "When Shaw learned on Friday that most of the reserve would reopen on Tuesday, he said he felt sheer happiness.

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