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The best Myeik hotels on TripAdvisor: At first it was people from India who traded with Myeik. Cruising in the Myeik Archipelago Myeik Archipelago, also known as Mergui Archipelago, is situated in far southern Burma, which is also close to the Tanintharyi region. There are over 800 different sized islets. They are sometimes referred to as Pashu because they are known as Pashu by the Maltese.

The other remarkable seakayaking islets in Mayanmar are: Residents are known as the Mokem, also commonly known as gypsies at the seas, a concept that extends to other groups in Southeast Asia and to kayak in Myanmar. People believe that the islands' separation from the continent is due to a severe tide of mythology.

For this reason it is known in Myanmar for its seakayaking. There' s a real life boat trip available for those who want to dive in this area because of its shelter. Several of these archipelagos have fanfish, hard coral and giant rocks. Several of these archipelagoes have caves, cliffs, dives and canals.

Because of the invasions of the area by mantas and Whalesharks between February and May, the best time to go scuba is between November and April. Because of the few live-boards that visit the Myeik Archipelago, a single visitor can be alone on a single site.

Myanmars Mergui Archipelago - The Prodigal One

Myanmar's attraction is not found on an unbelievably large number of holy gold-plated palagodas and sanctuaries across the land, it is also about fairly uncharted targets, the Mergui Archipelago included, which show Myanmar's rich seabed heritage. Although some of the large island are populated by small gypsy societies called Moken in Myanmar, most are uninhabited and intact.

During a sail through the island one of them is always in view. The Mergui Archipelago's marine environment is a thrill of beautiful sea corals, stunning scenery and rich marine and marine invertebrates which makes the island breath-taking and memorable for anyone who dives here during their live.

Not only is it home to a large number of small and abundant marine life, including both indigenous and non-native alien types, but it is also home to various types of huge marine life such as shark and ray, which is surprisingly appealing to the visitor to admire.

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