Myeik Township

Municipality of Myeik

The Myeik Township (Burmese: ?????

?????????) is a Myeik District community in the Taninthayi Division of Myanmar. Its capital is Myeik. Citieship Myeik (Myanmar) with population statistics, maps, map and location. The Myeik Township is a community of the Myeik District in the Taninthayi Division of Myanmar. Its capital is Myeik.

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The Myeik Township (Burmese: ??????????????) is a Myeik District community in the Taninthayi Division of Myanmar. Its capital is Myeik. The text is available under the CC BY-SA 4.0 licence; there may be other conditions. Pictures, video and sound are available under the corresponding licence. Adds your first favorite text by choosing a text or moving the mouse over a text file.

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Kawthaung - Yangon - Myeik Archipelago - Yangon

Arrival at Yangon Airfield in the mornings. See your tour guides at Yangon Internacional Arrival Hall. Starting from the Reykjavik Village Airfield you begin your tour with a ride through the city centre, the Chinatown area and the Indians' area. On to Botathaung Pagoda near Yangon Wharves. Dinner at the souvenir shop.

Arrival at your lodging in the afternoons. Once refreshed at the Bogyoke Scott Market (closed every Monday and holiday), you begin your tour with the biggest choice of Burma arts and crafts. Have Myanmar Dinner at the locals restaurants. Accomodation in Yangon City. Reception at the motel. Checking out and transferring to the Kawthaung International Airports.

Arrival in Kawthaung, welcome with food and check-in at the guesthouse. Eat lunches at the nearby restaurants and head to Maliwon Waterfall and Aungtapyae Hot Spring to soothe. Out and about, we will have supper in the restaurants and spend the night in the hotels. The Mergui Princess agent will be picked up at the Mergui Princess and taken to the dock.

Once you have your entry permit, you will leave for Kyet Mauk Island. Grab a meal on the boat and watch the sun set on Say Tan Island. Sports fishery on the boat and accommodation on it. You will be taken to Nyaung Oo Phee Island for snorkelling and canoeing. You will have supper and accommodation on the boat.

Snorkelling and hiking near Kha Yin Gwa after having brokenfast . Afterwards we go to Myauk Ne Island for sunbathing on the beaches, snorkelling, kayaking and angling. Have a supper and stay the night on the plank. You will have lunch on a small barge to Tha Yae Island, where you can go snorkelling and canoeing. Then you will return to Kawthaung.

Accommodation in a Kawthaung hotels. Following your breakfasts at the motel, you' ll be taken to 555 Hill View Point, Pyitawaye Pagoda, Bayint Naung King Hill, Victoria View Point. You will have a meal at the local restaurants and drive back to the Yangon International Airports. Arrival at Yangon International Airports, check-in at the hotels. Evening meal in a restaurante and night in a motel.

Reception at the motel. Transfers to Yangon airport this mornings.

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