Myeik Tourism

MYIK Tourism

One of the biggest restrictions for tourists visiting the region is the lack of accommodation and independent travel and transport facilities. Most visitors will travel through the Myeik Archipelago on a package tour which includes hotels, dive boats, transport and food. Currently it is still largely undiscovered by tourists. Myeik Islands are popular places for diving, snorkelling and enjoying the crystal clear waters off the coast. Activities in Myeik, Myanmar:

Two new islands for Myeik Tourism

In order to create tourism enterprises, 14 Myeik archipelago islets have been suggested and two of them have been approved as eligable for the establishment of tourism enterprises, according to the Ministry of Hospitour. Currently, tourism companies are active on Thahtay Kyun, Inwa and Myanmar Andaman Isle of Myeik Archipelago, said U Htay Aung, Secretary of Tourism and Hotel.

"There are many archipelago tourist companies that can operate in the Myeik archipelago. It is our intention to rent these archipelagos only to businessmen who are involved in tourism. There are now 14 islets on the shortlist and two are about to start," the Foreign Secretary said. The Myeik archipelago has more than 800 archipelago islets and most visitors come from the Thai state.

"A lot of visitors come to Myeik with luxurious boats from Kanchanaburi, Thailand and Phuket. More than 1,900 enterprises, 39 of which are JVs, have been approved by the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism. Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Hong Kong are the largest tourism industry players in Myanmar.

Meik ("Mergui")

Unspoilt and secluded, the Myeik Archipelago is a magnificent coastline and islands of over 36,000 sq km stretching along the entire Andaman sea at the south tip of Myanmar. This archipelago can only be reached from Yangon via a plane to Kawthaung or through the Thai Ranong area.

You can take a long-tail to Kawthaung from Ranong. Kawthaung or Victoria Point is a relatively unattractive frontier city, whose main feature is the Andaman Club Estate Casinos. Kawthaung will be a 10-minute drive from Kawthaung to the destination for many Thai and international tourists without travel.

Untouched by tourism, the visitor can enjoy an unbelievable submarine landscape, a variety of animals, birds, plants and sea creatures and explore an area that is unexplored and inimitable. More than 800 archipelago archipelagos, most of which are not inhabited. It is characterised by rugged cliffs of calcareous rock, thick rain forests, untouched golden sand and clear water of blue colour.

One of the biggest restrictions for the tourist who visits the area is the shortage of lodging and the need for self-sufficient transportation and travelling. Most of the guests will be travelling on a all-inclusive trip through the Myeik Archipelago, which includes hotel accommodations, diving vessels, transportation and food. A number of travellers can opt to remain in one of the two local operating resort, but these are costly and the advantages cannot be reached by the people.

In the big cities like Kawthung, Myeik and Ranong, the Thai frontier city, there are some independent pensions and inns. The most interesting meeting in the area are the salon's inhabitants, better known as gipsies. Most of the year these nomad sailors spend most of their lives on their vessels and only during the rainy period on shore, during which they fix their barge.

Salon residents are a beautiful example of an ethnical group still engaged in folk shipbuilding and angling without the impact of new comforts.

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