Myeik Myanmar Beach

Meik Myanmar Beach

Myeik Twin Beach Island. Jay Weird. The ThaHtay Kyun has beaches, but the coast is too rocky to swim.

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Hello, we are considering a visit to the south of Myanmar next April. Anyone have any new upgrades on good Dawei beach that are easy to access, e.g. by coach or pick-up? From Maungmagan's accounts I have the feeling that it may not be a great beach - but others in the area may be more auspicious.

Aside from the expensive Myeik / Kawthoung liveaboards, if anyone knows of the less expensive ways to reach the island on Myeik or Kawthoung daily excursions (or good continental beach in the area), your advices / proposals would be very welcome - thank you.

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Contribution from my good mate Dani: Since I have been living in Yangon, Myanmar spoils me. I have been very well cared for in this land and I have had the opportunity to explore really interesting places in the area. After having had the opportunity to go south and see the city of Myeik and the south.

I' ll begin to thank my boyfriend Juan, he couldn't participate in the Asia Whale tour and asked myself if I could and wanted to leave. All of Myanmar was abandoned during the troubled days of the Burmese army jungle, but think of Thanintharyi, the southernmost border.

When I got to Myeik, I noticed that this forgetting payed its tribute in two ways, one down and one up. MYEK it' not a nice city, but hey, that was just the first time. When I found out what the folks were doing, I decided to change my mind. No.

In Myeik, the villagers have embarked on a Titanian quest to survive during the tyranny itself, and that is why the town has created a small, intellectually stimulating industrial area. Nowadays Myeik is seducing the first visitors with this charismatic tourism. Meik is the town where the Tenisserim flows into the ocean, and in the centre of this confluence, on the scenic island of Pahtaw-Pahtete, there is a famous shrimp farming area.

After a few moments we traversed the last section of the riverbank to see how this unique delicacy grows and tastes.... After the tour we had a meal at Yadanaoo, the island's local eatery, where we serve crustaceans together with other local crayfish. In Myeik there are two major yards, the largest and most action.

It was a chance to meet joiners, smiths, turner, seamen and skippers and discover Myeik's shipbuilding tradition, which is once again on the up. It may be the only place in the world where you can see boats being built so closely. The vessels that were built in Myeik are the ones that go back and forth into the town.

Back in town, the trip took me to a Hummer farmer where it is possible to buy a giant Hummer for a decent barbeque for supper in one of the beach restuarants. Supper was still a few hour away, so until then a few moments to zigzag the birds into the skies with their quick-flying.

MYIK is full of it and has provided the town with another successful work. You can try and buy swallow's nest here, the China deli that also satisfies the tastes of Myanmar. It is also known as Dawei Su Markt and it is the ideal place to drink one of these exquisite Myanmar cute cups of coffee along with favorite Myeik traditionally made canap├ęs.

Myeik is also a large fishermen's village and has a large fish-dry district. On this first excursion in the afternoons I have the opportunity to experience the processes of fishdrying. In the evening I suggest going to the sidewalk restaurant that appears at nights on Strand Rd, right on the riverbank, a favourite place for grilling, especially during the drought.

At first to the harbour and once on the boat, we drove upstream to the old hamlet of Thanintharyi. Shifting colors in the skies at this hour is a nice scenery that is continued every day during this season in this area. We had reached Thanintharyi, the old regional capitol, for dinner, where some symbols from this glory period can still be seen.

It was a great fortune that I had scheduled this journey during the full mouth of Thadingyut, as it is a great event for kiteboating. On the way back we made a detour to Thanintharyi Abbey, where a small market shows some of the archeological finds of the area.

Both Myeik and Thanintharyi were interesting enough to make the journey worthwhile, but they also have an aces up their sleeves. Meik is one of the two stepping stones to the Mergui-Archipel, a paradise of Myanmar, a group of about 800 wonderful isles, wonderful sandy spots and unexploited ecotourism potentials.

While most of the trips to this part of the world are overnight on the boat, most come here for diving.... But with our trip we remained on one of the isles. Traveling is about gathering memory, so on the way to the Isle of Pin Zin we paused to find out how the locals lived in a mangroves town.

We had the opportunity to see how "ngapi", the renowned powerful Myanmar seafood past, is produced, this very special treat that the land proudly exports. We sneaked through tonnes of isles, which each and every click on my cameras made nice different cards, and eventually we arrived in Natthemee Yetwin, our goal for the next two evenings, where the magical sight of an amazing sundown was waiting for us.

A stroll along the beach later in the evening revealed the secrets of the sands. When the sun set beautifully on the isle, the twilight was dizzy. As the light came up, the lighter the colors got, the more I hung on the bottom of my cam, while I still felt asleep.

An early mornings trip in a canoe woke me up to see the other side of the postcard: the beach campsite with the nice greens as a backdrop. It' bedtime for the seafood in the crevice. The beach is approached by coral and coral, so I didn't have to go far!

It seemed that the colors of the under water colors reflected those at the top of the skies. It is definitely a re-discovered heaven, but still so virginal and abandoned.... and what a prerogative to visit it at this moment when not many visitors go there yet. I am sure that Myanmar will develop over the course of the years, so that this area and more and more infrastructures will populate the isles.

The only prerequisite was: fully enjoying it, which is not hard here, where you have to change your speed and it seems to last forever! The largest part of the Mergui is deserted, but the water is home to the Moken, also known as the "sea gypsies". Though they are a migratory maritime nation most of the year, especially during the wet seasons, they provide accommodation on some isles.

This is another big suprise for this rewarding journey! In the Mergui, Dome is one of the few Mergui freshwater inhabited by the only one where this waters leap from a magnificent waterfall into the ocean. It is a magnificent panorama and the best big finish for our astonishing collections of Myeik and Mergui memoirs.

On my last night I had one last opportunity to fill it with other regional specialties. We went to one of the most famous restaurant in Myeik for supper, Sakura Foods & Drinks, where mainly sea food is mainly eaten. Those who have the opportunity should not disregard shrimp brandy, let alone "ta nyin", a delicious leafy vegetables that can only be found in this area.

So if you want to organise a great journey to Myeik, let me know. He has been gathering tales around Myanmar and Southeast Asia since March 2014.

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