Myeik Myanmar

Myik Myanmar

Mergui (Myeik) is a city in the Tanintharyi Division in southeast Myanmar. Arrival: The Myeik Archipelago on the southern Taninthayi Division of Myanmar (formerly known as the Tennesarim Coast). In the vicinity Myeik is located on the south Taninthayi Division of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma's Tennesarim Coast). There are many precious pewter mining, plantations of olive palms, natural caoutchouc plantations and evergreens around and to the west of Myeik. At the Andamanensee, many precious pearl nesting and fishery grounds can be observed in the seas.

The Pearl Isle is the spring of high value beads, and fishery is the tradition along the coastline and offshore isles. Approximately 804 speckled islets dotted across the ocean along the Taninthayi shore and the town is located on the isle at the estuary of the Tannintharyi River. It is the southern tip of Myanmar and about 800 km from Yangon; the town maintains its charm as a fishermen's town.

The harbour is situated directly at the tip of the Tyenessarim-Halbinsel. It' known as the bustling fishery harbour. Tha Htay Kyun (Boss Island) can be visited within 10 minutes from Kawthaung. Zadakale ("St Luke") Island. above the Andaman Ocean. The ThaHtay Kyun has a beach, but the coastline is too rugged for a swim.

You can also go to the offshore islets near this arcipelago to discover the underwater algae gardens where no one has ever been before. Dawei Fishermen, known for many years as salons or gipsies who circumnavigate the isles.

Deluxe Burma (Myanmar): Archipelago of Myeik for sailors

As has been said over the past five years, Burma (Myanmar) is at a turning point after opening its gates to intruders. After avoiding becoming entangled in a touristic twister, one has the feeling that Burma in the countryside (Myanmar) can only be for the boldest people. Finally, the big town of Yangon, the Bagan pagodas and the stylized towns of Inle Lake are great attractions for a holiday, but still relatively new.

Burma is more than twice the big of Vietnam - and larger than Thailand and Nepal put together - with bustling towns, jungles, coastlines and huge seas that are feeling green. When you want to discover unspoilt areas comfortably, there is a savage (and wild) underestimated and little researched delicacy.

Your personal boat is over in the eastern and dark blues of the Andamanensee. The Myeik (Mergui) archipelago has more than 800 islets, from minute flower heads with cliffy promontories to wooded areas and sandbanks that extend into the ocean. The exploration of these isles was not always so glamorous - some were taken over by the UK' s Colonies until the 1940s.

Remains of their reign are an abandoned punishment settlement on Ross Island, today a touristic destination with a captivating but sometimes cruel histor. There are other small archipelagos with very much English reputations, including Great Swinton (Kyun Pila), Lord Loughborough (Jarr Lan) and Hastings (Za Det Nge Island). Perhaps today you have the feeling that you have the island to yourself; many are completely desert, but there are 2,000 Moken or gypsy seals living between them (read more about them here).

Today the archipelago is perfect for insular hoping - so to speak; all-inclusive hotels and water-side inaccessibility. While the best of both may seem banal, the possibility of spending a few nights back in the wild before climbing aboard a boat fitted with everything you can consume, enjoy and relax in comfort is certainly the defining feature.

Shall I leave out Burma's touristic hot spots? On the Myeik archipelago every single working days - is it just a sunbath? Descend from your stylish swimming resort to bathe in calm water and snorkell to see an unbelievable underground universe. Whilst wildlife seems to blossom, as if there is no such thing as beyond, these fine water bodies are threatened by dynamicfish.

Every single DAILY the jump from your boat is a new adventur. Canoe through mangroves with lush verdant water. Watch bird watching and see long-tail fishermen gliding over calm water - a unique insight into the world. This journey is more than just a sunbath.

Be it the pail list or not, there has never been a better way to discover the Myeik Archipelago. Tailor-made holidays in the Andaman Sea, you will see some of the best of the Myeik archipelago aboard a luxurious yachts. See all photos with kind permission of our Myeik Archipelago Charters, Burma Boating.

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