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Meik Islands Myanmar

Accommodation and meals are not available on the islands, so only day trips are possible here. Boat stay in Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar (Burma). Travel to understand daily life in southern Burma (Burma) and the Mergui Archipelago. Sail vacation & Holidays aboard a luxurious, fully-staffed yacht with Inside Burma Tours, in the beautiful &

untouched Myeik Archipelago of Burma (Myanmar).

Boating in Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar (Burma) - Yacht South Africa

Checking in 10:00 / Checking out 14:00 Staying on a Liveaboard in Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar (Burma). Myanmar Mergui Archipelago with the most famous skipper and the most famous yachts. It is very roomy with 4 x twin staterooms en-suite. It is fully air-conditioned and manned by a team of professionals.

Diving and snorkeling gear, standing paddles, kajals, angling gear and a number of other aquatic sports outfits. Unwind in luxurious, comfortable and safe surroundings and savour the breathtaking Mergui Archipelgo with 5-star services from our experienced staff and head cooks. The Mergui Archipelago is a breathtaking group of mostly inhabited islands off the western shore of Myanmar (Burma).

Sail, dive, snorkel, explore and hike through the jungles in this unspoilt area with the world' s premier bareboat-boat.

The Myeik Archipelago | Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, Myanmar

Getting there: The Myeik Islands on the south Taninthayi Division of Myanmar (formerly known as the Tennesarim Coast). There are many precious pewter mining, plantations of olive palms, natural caoutchouc plantations and evergreens around and to the west of Myeik. More than 800 islands are dotted across the deep ocean along the Taninthayi coastline.

The Kawthaung is one of the harbours of entrance to Myanmar and only a wide mouth in the Pakchan River separates it from Thailand. Catching fish is the tradition along the coast and the islands. You can see a strain known by different name Chaunam (water people) of Thais .Moken himself and Salone of Myanmar.

It is the capitol of the Tanintharyi area in the south of Myanmar. The coastline of Dawei covers an area of more than 4184 sqkm. It is littered with islands and historic peaks. Dawei was known as Tavoy under Britain's reign. It was founded about 1200 years ago as Thargaya Island, and the old part of the village can still be seen in the northwest of today's Dawei.

Most worshipped are the Shin Motehti Pagoda in the southern part of the city of Dawei, the Shin Datweh Pagoda in the northern part and the Shin Maw Pagoda on the Dawei promontory. LawkaTharaphu Pagoda shows a 74 metre long Buddha lying on the ground. MAUNGAGAN BEACH is one of the most famous places in Dawei, a famous place of natural beauties in the area.

Dawei is located in the coast, so fishing and the maritime industry are the backbone of the town' s population. The Maungmagan is a nice sandy area in the Thanintharyi Division. Located on the hilly coastline, the sandy beaches are surrounded by wonderful scenery. It' a bathing resort about 16 km from Dawei.

It is long, flat and completely untouched. Salons, also known as Moken, who inhabit the ocean around the MyeikArchipelagos, stay all their lives on small vessels, dipping for beads and looking for such marine wares. Cock's Comb Iceland, also known as "Emerald Hearts Island", lies southwest of Kawthaung and is a four-hour cruise.

It is the new goal of the Andaman Snorkeling Group. Heart Lake is a large peninsula by the ocean. The Kyun Phi Lar, also known as Pilar, is the tourist's favorite isle in Myanmar's stunning Mergui Archipelago. Kawthaung, formerly known as Victoria Point, is the southernmost city in Myanmar.

This is one of the harbours of entrance to Myanmar and is divided from Thailand by the wide mouth of the Pakchan River. Situated in the Mergui National Park, the Kawthaung area is the perfect place to enjoy Kawthaung and the keys to escaping 100m back from the harbour, where the city' s enchanting roads provide shelter from the harbour' s commotion.

Andaman Club Resort is situated on ThaHtayKyun Isle, about 10 min from Kawthaung. Myeik is a beautiful and secluded Myeik Islands in the Andaman Sea, off the South Burma coastline. Meik has a long and proud navigational heritage and one of the best preserved collectibles of settlement architecture in Southeast Asia.

The Mergui Archipelago is made up of over 800 wonderful islands. There is a wide variety of wildlife, very nice aquatic scenery and sea creatures in the area. Crystalline waters of the Mergui Archipelago are ideal for pearling. Myeik Islands are a favourite place for diving, snorkelling and enjoying the crystalline waters off the coastline.

There are several sacred edifices, Stupa and sculpture on PatawPadet lsland. The Pagoda Theindawgyi is the city' s tallest and most beloved pagoda. There is a wonderful view over the North Islands and consists of a very small muse. Lanpi Iceland is the most well known and large of the islands in the south.

It' s like a huge horseshoe. It has been declared a National Park. Different types of wildlife can be seen on the islands. Magic mangroves can also be found on the islands. The unspoilt Macleod Islands have a sandy beaches and clear waters in the Myeik Archipelago.

A wonderful eco-lodge-style residence is located on Macleod Island. It is the ideal place if you want your stay to be in tune with the natural environment of the area.

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