Myeik Islands Hotels

Meik Islands Hotels

Nice view of the islands. The Myeik Archipelago gains luxury profile; New hotel projects underway

The Myeik Islands in Myanmar's Tanintharyi area is quickly becoming a hot spot for luxurious travelers on the global market, according to a new review by C9 Hotelworks. Situated in the southernmost part of Myanmar and encompassing over 800 islands of various size, the area only became open to tourism in 1997, with the main destination of tourism being the scuba and recreational fisheries industries.

"We predict that Myeik will move into a wider tourist environment in the next 24 months," says Bill Barnett, CEO of C9 Hotelworks. Currently there are two hotels in the islands, among them the Grand Andaman Resort on Tha Htay Kyun Island and the Myanmar Andaman Resort on Macleod Island.

Kawthaung and Myeik also have alternate accommodation for tourist on daily itineraries. Authorised investments in the area amount to 59 million, but no certified number of hotels have yet been released as lease ownership of the islands has only recently been made. Myanmar Investments Commission (MIC) has given regulatory clearance for the construction of a gambling house, course and maritime leisure area.

The number of people arriving in Myeik from 1,158 in 2012, all with licensed ships, has increased to 146,736 for the January -June skyrocket. The main reason for this is the opening of the Ranong-Kawthaung crossing between Thailand and Myanmar in August 2013.

Entering Myeik is subject to a visa requirement of between $120 and $170, according to the length of your visit and destination. However only licensed TOURS may buy one, i.e. for the time being impossible IFF trips. That is likely to be changed when new hotels go live, says Bill Barnett, CEO of C9 Hotelworks.

Since 2015 there are 21 licensed boat owners in Myanmar, 20 of them in Thailand. The hotels there will also be further expanded. There are currently two hotels in Myeik, the Grand Andaman Resort on Tha Htay Kyun Island and the Myanmar Andaman Resort on Macleod Island with a total of 227 keys.

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