Myeik Islands

Meik Islands

Myeik Island, Marcus and Dome Islands. They have unspoilt terrestrial landscapes with rugged limestone and granite topography. Contact the immigration staff at the main pier for help in finding a fisherman to take you to the nearby islands. Since then, the lively capital Dawei and the fishing village Myeik have hardly changed.


Fifty years of insularity have seen the slow opening of the south of Myanmar. Dawei, the vibrant and bustling metropolis, and the fishermen's village of Myeik have not undergone much change since it opened. Dive into the long story and pictorial building of former colonies and enjoy the wonderful, unspoilt South Burma's sands.

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Pristine islands of the Myeik Archipelago

After my first trip to MacLeod Island (also known as Khayin Khwa Island), two opposing seductions grabbed me: jealous ly keeping the mystery of its existance or sharing it with the people? MacLeod Island is a gem among the 800 inhabited islands of the Andaman Sea's Andaman Sea's remote and pristine Myeik Archipelago, in Myanmar's southernmost area.

Until recently shut down (also for the Myanmar people), the maze of archipelagos that lead to it is strictly monitored by a large marine army and a very rigorous local migration bureau. The Myeik Islands are located at the strategic crossing of Myanmar, India (Andaman Islands), Indonesia (Sumatra) and Thailand. McLeod Island's relatively difficult access, although an discomfort for some visitors (too pity for them), has contributed to preserving its breathtaking pristine state.

The flight south over dozens of kilometres of pristine sandy beach from Yangon to Kawthaung (with two stations in Dawei and Myeik) in the Tanintharyi region proves Myanmar's great tourist appeal. Kawthaung is the gate to the McLeod Island continent. There' a new speed boat will take you to McLeod Island in a few h.

Fascination begins when the ship slows down and McLeod lsland is near. There is an almost unpleasant balance in the beautiful horseshoe-shaped cove of the isle. You feel even more Robinson Crusoe, who sets out on a trip to a lush tropic haven, as the fundamental silk pole is drawn with a cable to the untouched shore, where literally a hundred crayfish run off in all directions.

The Myanmar Andaman Resort, opened in 2005, is the only artificial building on the isle. That means that the entire area of the MacLeod archipelago, although savage, is practically available to you. Nevertheless, a good compromise between genuineness and convenience is achieved: 22 ecological wood cabins (eight 40 square metres large beach cabins and 14 26 square metres large cabins behind them) are fitted with everything you need on a holiday on such an isle.

Adrian Zdrada, the very gifted and welcoming 39-year-old Commercial and Marketer of Myanmar Andaman Resort, has successfully prevented the country from becoming a "second Phuket" since arriving on McLeod Iceland two years ago. Close to more than 25 of the most beautiful diving sites in the Caribbean is one of the greatest attractions of MacLeod Iceland.

Kayak around the islands and snorkelling are also great despite the opportunity of very high creeks. The most sporty visitor will find a slick, slimy, slim trek through the damp jungles to the highest point of the isle. Its 360-degree views from the 173-metre-high summit, over which magnificent mountain peaks are flying, are breathtaking on all sides of the isle.

Saurians, crocodiles, butterflies and more round out the image of MacLeod Island's unparalleled ecological preserve, but also bugs (sand fly bitten can be pruritic and painful), serpents, rat and spider - all things that give entry to a real isle. A number of luxurious CATAMARANES sailing through the Andaman Sea from neighboring Ranong (northern Thailand) are permitted to moor and sleep in the MacLeod Islet.

Your team sometimes arrives at the Myanmar Andaman Resort just before dinner. Strong rains, stormy wind and 3 meters of swell make the passage to McLeod Island harsh and potentially hazardous in these month. However, MacLeod Island is not only interested in the outdoors. Myeik Archipelago is home to several hundred gypsy pirates from the Salone community of Southeast Asia who emigrated from South China on wooden protected vessels about 4000 years ago.

Last months renowned daily newspaper The Times released an McLeod Island report titled "Gold Rush in Paradise": McLeod Island Confidential is still an exclusive destination, off the well-trodden paths and definitely off the busy Yangon Mandalay Inle Bagan route. Will Myanmar's Myeik Archipelago become the "new frontier" for Asia's tourist industry and compete with neighboring Thailand?

In the near term, the development of these extraordinary islands by Myanmar's government could well welcome the arrival of billions of international visitors. Writer of Nouvelle history des colonisations europaennes (XIXe-XXe si├Ęcles) (France University Press, 2013) and creator of Myanmar Challenge.

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