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Accommodation and more in Myeik. You can book the cheapest Myeik hotels and hostels with real guest reviews and first-class customer service! Check prices and find the best deal for Kyal Pyan Hotel. Groundbreaking green light for six properties in Myeik.

Myeik gives green light for six Myeik homes to be built in the future

Myanmar Investment Commission has approved six homes in the Myeik-Archipel in the region of Thanintharyi, said U Nyo Aye, manager of the hotel and tourism division in Tanintharyi, to The Myanmar Times. Proprietors of the six homes, on Kyun Philar, Barlar, Phoe Ni, Wa Lal, 115 and Bo Nat Kyaw Island, will begin construction of hotel once they receive approval from the Ministry of Hotel and Tourism, said U Nyo Aye.

Real estate on the Isle of Wa Lal is an asset of an US corporation and the other five assets are domestic assets, he said, and added that it would be dependent on how quickly they submitted the necessary documents. Myanmar The Myanmar Investmentcommission only allows tourists to visit 12 of the more than 800 Myeik Archipels in Tanintharyi.

Most of the arcipelago's islets are characterised by calcareous rock and granitic sand. Victoria Cliff Resort on Nyaung Oo Phee has already started operating and a hotel development on Nga Khin Nyo Gyi has requested a hotel operating licence, U Nyo Aye said. "The hotel plan on Nga Khin Nyo Gyi started without approval from the department.

Hopefully, after the six buildings are built, more hotel rooms will be available for the tourist industry in Tanintahryi," he added. Under the guidelines of the Ministries, each builder must obtain a building licence for the hotel before an operating licence can be applied for. Currently, Tanintharyi has 39 1525-room hotel and guesthouse establishments, and 67,647 tourist visits from abroad in 2017, the department said.

On 30 April, the Department issued licences for 1648 establishments with a combined number of 66,065 rooms. Phyo Wai Yarzar, consultant to the Myanmar Tourist Marketing Association, called on the regulatory authorities to make sure that there is no over development in the region to guarantee the sustainability of this area.

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