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Being a big Myasee is a good plan B, while the Myeik Guesthouse is the cheapest option. Find hotels and more in Myeik. Inexpensive prices for hostels in Myeik. Booking your bed at Myeik Hostels. Booking / access to the Royal Myeik Guest House is included. - Myeik Youth Hospitals. Low-priced lodging at Myeik Hostel. Book your room at the best rates.

Myeik Youth Hostel offers one of the most affordable types of lodging. However, don't wait for too much room and shelter. One hostel offers only a common bath (shower + WC), others also a separate one for an extra charge. The hostel is a very good option if you are looking for the lowest priced lodging in Myeik.

The Grand Jade Hostel is located in Myeik and has a lounge and lounge.


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Grand Jade is a great place to stay in a lively area of Myeik. It provides fast and easy acces to the lake and mountain. The Grand Jade has 156 guest rooms with free Wi-Fi, mini-bar, air conditioning, TV via cables and its own balconies and provides perfect accommodations in Myeik. Guest rooms overlook the ocean.

In addition to the money change, a storeroom and an elevators, 24-hour reception, 24-hour room services and home economics are at the guests' disposal. There is free wireless Wi-Fi throughout the hostel. If you cancel your booking belatedly or do not show up, the full amount of your booking will be invoiced. These are general instructions on revocation.

Cancellations are subject to change, so please review before booking.

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