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MYEIK / Mergui (new infos 2014 Lonely Planet) - MYEIK (MERGUI) Archipelago Forum

Hello boys, The new Lonely Planet (July 2014) is dedicated on some pages to the Myeik area and the opportunities to do so. The best way to see the group of islands is on a live-aboard. Anyone who has experienced this area, participating in a live-aboard safari and the state of the area?

We have three week in Myanmar in December and would like to dive. When Myanmar becomes really hard and/or costly, we think about going to Thailand for scuba and spending 2-2.5 week in Myanmar. There are many tourist offices in Phuket offering yachts or cruise ships to Mergui, but it is more costly than Kaw Thaung Myanmar.

I' ve never done a dive safari in Myamar before, but I heard that you need a permit and I think it will be quite high. A few years ago I did a 3-day 2-night dive safari in Thailand (SImilan Islands, with the Poseidon Co.) and it was a very well scheduled trip and very secure and I had a great experience.

I' m not experienced in Myanmar liveaboards. I had worked in Horse Shores and Kyat Mauk Islands as an army commander at the Swiftlet Bird Nest Company for about 2 years. I' ve been told that the Mergui Princess Cruise Company is offering a dive and snorkelling adventurous excursion in the Mergui Archipelago on the basis of Kawthaung, we did a 5-day cruise in January 2014 and it was a marvel.

Not diving, because nobody else on the boat was interested, but I think the sail boat crew can do it. It' called Burma Boating. This was the climax of our journey. Asian Whales carry out the diving and snooker fishing tours with diving instructors on a daily basis. Situated in Ranong, on the Myanmar frontier, The Smiling Seahorse is a new 3 year old comapny.

In the Mergui Archipelago they make an annual mean of 4 dives per mont. Receive an answer to your question about Myeik (Mergui.....

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