Myeik Food

Meik Food

Her Chop Suey is very good, the spicy pork soup a miracle, and the fried Myeik noodles have more than a temporary resemblance to the Pad Thai. Myeik, the food Valhalla of Myanmar Meik has a great food scenery, unlike anything we've seen in Myanmar. Myanmar has a terrible name for food. In Myanmar this is not the case, unlike in neighbouring Thailand, where there is a large selection of tasty food at any given moment and place.

But we found good food all over Myanmar. Myanmar's capitol Yangon has a large selection of domestic and (growing) global cuisines, but you need to know the places to eat. One of our favourites is a plain but great meal, the Shan pasta, which we found both in Shan State and elsewhere, but you have to look for a place that has it.

Also in Dawei and Mawlamyine, two places we visit on our journey through the south of Myanmar. There are restaurants in these places where food tastes particularly good, but they are not. That' s why we didn' t have too high hopes in Myeik, but oh boy! That food community we found was the best in Myanmar.

There is a good ambience, food and drink, but Myeik also has an astonishing food processing plant. M Myeik is Myanmar's edible whale! Meik is an important fishery harbour and there is a great diversity of fishery. There is a freshly caught seafood fair with stingrays, squids, shark, eels, oyster and of course only all kinds and size of game.

In addition, the store is a test field for all kinds of marine organisms and other tasty delicacies and "threats". Right next to the fishmarket, a whole quarter is devoted to desiccating it. Many marine organisms are filtrated and salt by the neighbourhood's charismatics. It' Myeik's tradition: nice and inexpensive.

In the afternoon it is a great day in the tropics of Myeik and a great place to relax and let the food processors do their work. At least it's almost dinnertime. The flavour of the totdy varies according to the age. Bartenders pour full jars, with small dry fry like French fries.

There are several breweries in the northern part of the center offering delicious seafood. Meik is an impressive city where visitors enjoy their favourite beverages and food. Caterers are open until later, rather uncommon for Myanmar, but thank goodness! Grilled seafood, shrimp salads, king shrimps, lobsters and more were provided by the kind owners.

With Myanmar beers ( "Myanmar beers") everything was rinsed away very well. Myeik serves a variety of tasty food from early dawn until well into the evening. So it was daylight saving our energy for the next full year. Myeik's food community goes beyond the stuffing of the stomach, there is an astonishingly strong food supply chain that provides eye and cerebral nourishment.

MYEK has a number of these softshell shrimp ranches, one of which we have seen. It may be an uncomfortable view for pet lover, but it is good to know where the food comes from and how the pets are handled before it ends up on the table. Ten-hour days they were occupied with many time-consuming and labor-intensive procedures for the production of cashews.

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