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Diving in Myeik

The remoteness of the area means that the islands remain untouched and host some of the best dive sites in Southeast Asia. Diving in Myeik - Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago Forum Hello, I am trying to prolong my work-related journey to Myanmar at the end of July to go to Myeik. I' m looking for a shore based diving company and would like to know if there are any dive operators in the area. I can' be in Kawthaung? Hello Junior, let me know if you go there, I am interested in learning more about the (diving) opportunities in this area.

Thank you and have a good journey! Hello Jr. 147, you need a temporary license & please consult your agents. Myeik: - Diving in Myeik: very often you are asked to rent a personal yacht or luxury cruiser to make sure you have a good one.

Accommodation in Kawthaung: Grand Hôtel, Kawthaung Hôtel, Penguin Hôtel and Honey Hôtel in Kawthaung. One of the best diving packages in the world is the Mergui Princess Cruise Group. The Mergui diving I enjoyed last year, the Liveaboard companies were very professionally and interesting guidebooks, unfortunately the only time the seasons is October-April because of the months of the monsoons that cause visibility.

Maneki-neko said that the website does a good job to explain who the diving businesses are, where they live and how they can get there. Receive an answer to your question about Myeik (Mergui.....

Diving Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago

Myeik (Mergui) archipelago, which includes about 804 tropic archipelagos spread like emeralds over the Andaman seas, was banned for foreign visitors until 1997. The remoteness of the area means that the island remains untouched and hosts some of the best dive sites in Southeast Asia. Diving in the Myeik Archipelago is in a way similar to Thailand, but there are almost no other vessels and scuba diver, and there is a wealth of extraordinary and extraordinary marine creatures.

Mister Myanmar can organize diving excursions to the area with diving vessels in the south city of Kawthoung. Diving can also be arranged from Fork Iceland and Myanmar Andaman Resort. There''s no timetable for diving excursions, as very few divers are here. We kindly ask you to get in touch with us before your planned date of journey, so that we can find a fitting yacht for you or make an insular booking.

You can also rent a boat for your own personal diving experience. Diving Spots. The Black Rock. One of the most dramatic diving spots in the Mergui Islands with an exquisite diversity of marine environments and an array of large pelagic species such as silvertips, greytips, blacktips, bullfish, eagle and manta ray.

This is a really fantastic diving site in Burma. One of the best diving spots in the Mergui Archipelago, Shark Cape, is known for its good-natured nurse shark. It is 5-16 meters below the northwest of the island. Frequently one finds here several gray shark reefs, long flipper revally and silvery sweet lips.

At the other side of the shell a passage to the other side of the isle and a wonderful harder algaeef. Twinsland. The South and North Twins Islands are 48 sea leagues east of Shark Cave. Twin Islands water is frequented by buck shark, stingray and stingray.

Northwest of North Twin, one kilometer away, lies a row of falling crags. Hi-skirt. The High Rock is a small town with a unique forest. West Rocky Iceland. It is a small sparse isle, maybe 60 meters in width, with several hundred crawfish and some frisky old lady-shark.

Cuttlefish and large octopuses are widespread, and huge feet are sweeping over the coral wall, consisting of large coral flowers and large asteroids. There' s a passage right through the isle. Silver tip shark are widespread here. Nursing shark are also easy to spot, as they are half hiding under the overhang of the coral tables that puncture the shallow sea landscape.

Diving vessels offer space for up to 8 people in three staterooms. Transfers to the footbridge and departure around 1700, accommodation at the first diving site, Western Rocky Island. The highlight of the site is a large cavern with fifty or more lobster and thousand of glass fish. There is a good opportunity to see manta ray and whale shark as well as the local grey reef, blacktip and whitetip shark at this open area.

Scuba diving 1 - Western Rocky Island. Divemount 2 - Mojo's Pinnacle. Divemount 3 - North Point Pinnacle. Dag 3: Three logged open water sessions, plus overnight diving option. A great macroscience makes these diving spots a "must" for every divers. Liveaboard 1 - In-the-Middle Move to South Twin. Divemount 2 - Barracuda Point.

Divemount 3 - Joel's Point. Divecourse 4 - Nights hot spot southpoint. In the early mornings drive to North Twin - again three of them. Nocturnal diving is available as an extra diving experience. Divemount 1 - Twin Cheeks. Divemount 2 - White Men Walk home. Diving 3 - Franken Reef. 5th day: Accommodation at Black Rock, the northernmost point of the route.

The Andaman Sea offers some of the best diving spots in the Andaman Sea. Large fish are widespread, manta ray, whale shark and many other species of shark and ray can be seen here. And if that's not enough, it' s great to see the macros, but you should just look away from the shore and see the big things in it.

Liveaboard 1 - Black Rock. Divemount 2 - Black Rock. Scuba diving 3 - Black Rock. Stage 6: The best diving of the journey is regarded by almost all our visitors, the climax of'In Through-the-Outdoor' is the big'swim-through', which is the home of the Grey Reef Shark. There is also a large group of nurse shark, one of which is about four metres long.

Another advantage is a very sound reindeer, populated by an abundance of marine species. Scuba 1 - Nine Pins Rock. Divemount 2 - Outdoors. Divecourse 3 - Outdoors. We can often organise a boat to take you to Myanmar Andaman Resort to prolong your trip to the archipelago, where other diving options are available.

Burma Andaman Résort. In the archipelago of Myeik (Mergui) on the Isle of Fork (Macleod), this small, green holiday destination is for those who want to experience the beauty of the sunny, sands, seaside and unspoilt area. The Myanmar Andaman Estate is set in a quaint cove with a sparkling golden beaches, idyllic setting among verdant, densely wooded rolling countryside.

It is also an ideal place for snorkelling, kayak, angling, bird watch and insular touring.

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