Myeik Beach Myanmar

Meik Beach Myanmar

It' a very scenic beach and good nature. Mergui (Myeik) is a city in the Tanintharyi Division in southeast Myanmar. In spite of the lack of beaches, Myeik does not lack charm. Off the southern tip of Burma, near the Thai border | See more ideas about the Mergui archipelago, destinations and beautiful beaches. He also explains that they first wanted to charter a boat and spend a lot of time on the beach.


Myeik (or Mergui) Archipelago is located in the Andaman Sea off the South Burma coastline. Visiting these exceptional archipelagos, which have to take part in a tourist excursion and are largely unexplored by visitors, which is a major part of their attraction - in fact, many of them are only inhabited by colorful game.

Comprising more than 800 islets ranging from smaller ones with only a few palms to several hundred sq. km. large ones, the island provides great possibilities for exploring and scuba dipping between stunning sea creatures and pristine reinefs, with pleasure craft and cruisers specially built for this use.

Not only is the landscape (underwater or above water) what makes the Myeik Archipelago so fascinating: the Moken, also known as Salone or gypsy seals, are one of the most distinctive ethnical groups in Myanmar that live a marine live.

After adapting to the sea for several hundred years, they are the master freedivers and can concentrate their sight underwater and last much longer than most people. Myeik Archipelago offers a multitude of sightseeing and adventure options, from hikes through the tropics to kayak trips through mangrove and canyons. The possibilities for exploring are almost unlimited.

If you' re looking for a more relaxed moment, you can just hop into the ocean from a boating trip or walk along one of the hundred abandoned sands. There is a great variety of wild animals on the island, among them monitors, phythons, civet cats, chemrotains, gibbons as well as crab-eating macka.

At the top of the sky, the colorful variety is perhaps even greater: horned birds, European white-tailed eagle, dragons, kingfisher, egrets, emerald pigeons, to name but a few of the birds that encircle the isles. The number of archipelagic isles is far too high to be described here (and many have never been entered by foreigners), but here are some of the highlights:

Lamp Island. Lampi was founded in 1995 as the first Myanmar Maritime Reserve and is one of the most visited island in the island complex, full of bio-diversity, mangrove and reef. The Lampi River is a great opportunity for a kayak trip - and to experience the area' s wildlife.

Also known as Sullivan Iceland or Cyun Tan Shey ('kyun' means Burmese island). A 115-isle isle. Aka Frost Iceland, it has a beach of crystalline sand with clear water, abundant in corals, as well as thousand of echinoids and small colorful tropic game.

You can snorkel, kayak and trek in the jungles on 115 Iceland. This is Nyaung Wee Iceland (also known as Buda Island). A visit to a number of Moken towns gives you the chance to speak to the natives and learn about their distinctive cultures - and changed lifestyles.

Unfortunately, they live more and more in towns instead of on the sea (sometimes even violently on the mainland), as the Chinese authorities forbade the conventional production of their wood boat from tree. PHIL RADIO: Phi Lar lsland. Also known as Great Swinton, this islet has a number of completely deserted sandy shores, palm-fringed sandy shores - and some particularly colorful snorkelling spots.

Another way to talk to the people of Myauk Ni Island about their everyday experiences is through Myauk Ni Island. A larger selection of pictures from the Myeik Archipelago can be found in our Flickr Photoset. Myeik Archipelago's abundance above the ocean's water is more than comparable to submarine living and shows an unbelievable abundance of aquatic species, such as eagle and manta ray, frogfish, ribbon eels and false pipefish, to name but a few.

Like on the island we have just a few selected scuba dives on offer - there are a dozen amazing and thrilling spots in this area. The Burma Bank (including Silvertip, Rainbow, Roe, Coral and Heckford Banks) is one of the most famous divesites in Southeast Asia and is situated on the western side of the island, where the mainland shelves fall into the undersea.

Situated 100 leagues to the north-west of Kawthaung, this island is a favorite of many scuba diving enthusiasts visiting the archipelago: its precipitous rocky outcrops are a haven for a wealth of sea creatures - especially silvertip, whitetip and blacktip shark as well as manta ray and stingray. With three rocky outcrops rising from 40 metres below the sea level to the sea level, this area has some of the best sea creatures in the whole island, with vast schools of colorful sea creatures floating around you - and it's so big that you can't see it all in one go.

If you are an expert diver, there is a vast rock formations on the central part of the archipelago leading to a cavern protected by grey reef shark that sometimes loose their inhibitions and float near underwater. Small Torres Isles. There is a mixture of spectecular flogging, tessellated and sea coral in the water around these isles, as well as batfish and wonderfully coloured Moon Wrasse.

Barracudas, mackerels, tuna, snappers or even marlins and sail fish, the islands offer you the possibility to have your own meal! Like many other parts of Myanmar, November to April is the high seasons for the Myeik-Archipels. From December to February you will find the most pleasant and convenient meteorological condition - with hot, sunshine, even wind and quiet sea.

Between May and July there are heavy on-shore breezes and a large wave (with some cyclones ) and the wet seasons are from June to October; the archipelago's cruise does not take place from early May to early October. When there are stormy weather during the monsun, the area has many large islets, providing sheltered anchorage all year round - and in general, the area offers secure yachting, with few hazardous encounters or inaccuracies.

For cruising opportunities in the Myeik Archipelago, which includes dive trips and trips through the larger Myanmar, which includes the archipelago, click here. The Myeik Archipelago requires a specific permission to be visited on a multi-day trip - it is purchased as part of a travel packages; it is easy to process, but usually lasts about a whole year.

Currently, it is not allowed for aliens to visit the island on their own, and there are navy patrols across the island checking the visitors' manifest. For cruises lasting several days, you will usually be picked up at Kawthaung International Station by a deputy who will guide you through the desk with the necessary documents and then take you to your yacht.

Three major accommodations on the island are located on the south end western of Kawthaung: the Myanmar Andaman Resort on MacLeod Island, the Nyaung Oo Phee Resort with luxurious tent-style accommodation and the Boulder Bay Eco Resort on Boulder Island.

Grand Andaman Hôtel, a Thai-owned casino-focused resort, is situated on an isle opposite Kawthaung. From Kawthaung and the city of Myeik, it is now possible to make daily excursions to the arcipelago and excursions lasting several days with accommodation on the isles.

They are funny (and less expensive than multi-day cruise ships), but it can take a long way to get to the remote isles.

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