Myeik Beach

Meik Beach

nice sandy beach or fisher village? hello everyone, my mate and i will be in burma this februar (2014) and want to relax for 3-4 nights on the beach. at first the choice was between nGWe saung and nGapalis, but it looks like we could go to myeik for 50$ more per way. is there a beach on the coast? or are all the pictures I actually see of Margui-Archipels?

it seems like most of the ratings come from first-class insular hoping trips that may take place in Kythoung and not in Myeik.

some inns in myeik seem very reasonable (>$50US for a twin room), but very few of them mentioned a beach or the closeness to a beach. ý Boot charters seems unlikely in our budgets area. ý this is a good option for our downtime? ý or is it smarter to keep to the standard and go westwards to a beach? ý even if someone loves a favourite guesthouse id to know the telephone or e-mail! ý any entry is very much appreciated. thankyou!

Hello, does that mean that aliens are now free to leave Myeik and take a ferry to the island? Thanks to everyone for their answers. relaxingtrev, that was my request when I booked a hotel in Myeik, because it looks like Brackwater on GoogleEarth which is approximately as special as I can find it.

there' s a beachfront resort in myeik (town), but sometimes that doesn't mean there's a place to rest and go swimming. I hope to find someone who's gone through myeik, Daweik and/or myeik and see which one (if any) is the best to see the beach. will myeik alone be a frustration if we're not boating/diving?

Hi there, the area that is still closed for independent trips is located between Kawthaung and Myeik, so also the land in this area, so the only possibility is the shuttle between the two towns for about $40, except for the air.

Meik is the estuary of the Thanintharyi? and therefore its shores are slightly muddier than on the island or further inland. It' s ok, but no beach you would go far to see the accommodation in PALAV is just $8 per day. The following links contains some pictures and approximate description of the best beach on the continent.

It is a beautiful and charming seaside resort, the island has not seen so many travellers that the local people are happy to see you, the ferries from Myeik to Kawthaung and the Myeik-Dawei cruise is very picturesque as it travels through the island.

Much less touristically accessible, since it was only opened on 28 August 2013, the southern part has an abundance of shores and the population is great. In case you want a pleasant bathing and relaxation area, backed by a good facilities, I would suggest you stay in the Maung Ma Kan Maung Ma Kan Coconut Bungalow, which offers twin rooms for about $25 and daily excursions to Nabule Beach (a very lovely beach).

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