Myeik Archipelago Cruise

The Myeik Archipelago Tour

Climb aboard a specially designed sailing boat for a cruise through the breathtaking landscape of the Myeik Archipelago. Mergui Archipelago River Cruise Mergui Archipelago with its 800 islets is one of the areas hardly visited by any foreigner. Although some live-a-board diving vessels and special-permit vessels are now entering the South Island from their base in Thailand, most of the archipelago has not been visited since then.

The archipelago was first mapped and most of the archipelago was renamed after former British officials, a number of whom have retained these picturesque name. Mokkein is a locals, often referred to as gipsies and sometimes as skulls. Throughout Burma's socialism, the Mokkein conquered the trafficking route and became the spoils of warfare.

We' ll be visiting Mokkein Isles like Lampi on the Sullivan Isles. It transports canoes and snorkeling gear for free use. It transports two Zodiac tender so that we can undertake various unplanned cruises to the island, the beach and the coast docks. You will need to take US$ currency to pay your bill at the end of the cruise.

Notice: This cruise demands adequate physical condition and flexibility to board and disembark from and to land.


Mergui Archipelago is the kingdom of fishers and marine migrants - the nomads who live from the ocean by fishing and trade in the beads they find under the reef. Pathein, also known as Bassein, is a seaport with an approximate number of 315, 600 inhabitants and the capitol of the Ayeyarwady region, Burma.

Situated in the Bogale Township, Ayeyarwady region, Myanmar, Bogale is a small town. Situated in the southwest part of Myanmar/Burma on the...... You' ll cross the Uyu River, which is used by gold-washers on the way to Homalin, the most distant naval point on the Chindwin for ships from........

The Kawthaung is situated in the Tanintharyi region, the most southerly part of Myanmar. It was known during the period of Britain's reign in Burma between 1824 and 1948....... The Ma-ubin or Maubin is a city in the Ayeyarwady Division in southwestern Burma. Mergui Archipelago is an archipelago in the extreme southwest of Myanmar (Burma) and belongs to the Tanintharyi region.

In the Tanintharyi region of Burma (Myanmar), Mergui (Myeik) is a town in the southernmost part of the county on the coastline of a penninsula on the....... In the Lower Chindwin, where the stream widened and the wooded hilly areas fell to arable land, we passed a number of beautiful towns.

Mawlamyine ( "Moulmein") is the 4th biggest Burmese municipality (Myanmar), 300 km southeast of Rangoon and 70 km southeast of Rangoon....... Myungmya is a municipality in Myaungmya, Irrawaddy region, Burma. It hosts the Myanmar Union Adventist Seminar, a seven-day Adventist seminar....... The Pyapon is a Pyapon District community in the Irrawaddy Division of Myanmar, along the Pyapon River, a creek of the Irrawaddy River.

"Yangon has a story based on two elements, the Shwe Dagon Pagoda and the river. Sitthaung, near the estuary of the Yu River draining the Kubu Valley, was the last hiding place for a series of IFC steamships that........ Tanintharyi (Dawei) is a town in the southeast of Burma (Myanmar) and it is the regional capitol of Tanintharyi, formerly Tenasserim Division, around 614.

The Wakema is a city in the Ayeyarwady Division in southwest Myanmar. Burma and the Salween River are a powerful area of breathtaking scenery, but decade-long travelling limits have few..... The Shan State is one of the most well known and best known areas of Burma. Especially the southerly part is known for the Inle Lake and often overcrowded with.......

Burma's powerful Salween River and southern country is a land of breathtaking scenic beauties, but few have traveller limitations for many years.....

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