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Burma Myeik Archipelago

The Mergui Archipelago is one of the best kept secrets of Myanmar's tourism. The Mergui Archipelago has it all. Sailing holidays in Burma, the Mergui Archipelago.

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More than 800 wonderful, unspoilt isles form the Mergui, or in Burma, Myeik, archipelago. Myanmar (Burma) offers a stunning variety of wildlife that can't be found anywhere else in the game. It is situated in the Tanintharyi region, in the most southern part of Myanmar and northern of Thailand's Surin Isles.

Mergui Archipelago is about 36,000 km2 (14,000 km2). It has been off-limits to the public since the end of the 1940', although the archipelago has only been open to tourism since 1997. Myanmar's pristine heritage in the south. Mergui Island's sizes range from a few palms to several hundred sqkm.

It tends to have a jagged lime and rock topography: some of its islets even have caverns and ponds all over. High above the flood line are thick scrub and thick rainforests, while along the coast there is a mix of extensive mangrove forests, breathtaking miles of sandy beach, cliffy promontories, headwaters and even some fresh watercourses.

All in all, the island itself resembles the Thai Isles close by. But the only differences between them is that the Mergui Archipelago has not yet been explored for its beauties.... yet. Aka Kyun Tan Shey or Sullivan Island, Lampi Island is the centre of the Mergui Archipelago.

It is also the first Myanmaranmar' s natural reserve to be created in 1995. Lampi Iceland Marine and ASEAN Heritage Parks are a sheltered area. It is one of the most visited places and a great example of what can be found in the remainder of the archipelago with its abundance of species, mangrove and reef.

There are nine different areas of the archipelago, so it takes a few short getaways to get around. There is even a Lampi where you can go kayaking and see some of the wildlife and ruralery. It is home to some of the native Moken.

They will be able to see their towns, chat with them and get to know their unique cultures. It was named Great Swinton Iceland by the British and could be left unpopulated despite its whitish sandy beach and shaded palms. There are also colourful snorkelling spots around the islands.

The strangely titled islands have clean sand and clear seas swarming with colourful echinoids and even tropic fishing around the corals, ideal for snorkelling. There are also kayak and trek around the islands. The name Cavern Iceland is derived from the several large caves along the waterline at the south end of the islands. Cavern Iceland also offers the possibility to discover the falls at their west end.

It is also a freshwater spring for the locals and the Mokens. The Cock Comb Isle is sure to attract your eye with its heart-shaped indoor nature park in the middle of the Isle, which you can only reach by floating under the cliffs on its circumference from the ocean.

The group of 30 wonderful archipelagos off the Dawei shore is not currently part of the Mergui Archipelago and is accessible to everyone without permission. Known as Mid Miscos, these jungles are surrounded by a rugged cliffy shore and small sandy shores on the southeast side.

Mergui Archipelago is the ideal area for a guide adventurous, sail ing-, ecological or dipping outing. At the moment, each trip to the Mergui Archipelago requires a specific permission and an authorized guide. This archipelago's divesites are among the best in the game.

Water offers cliffs, caverns and even passages that intersect the bottom of an isle. The Burma Banks, Black Rock, Western Rocky and Shark Cave are some of the most popular dive sites in the archipelago. Successfully cultivating South Sea beads in the Mergui Archipelago's water has established an amazing bead making world.

Since centuries the only residents of this area of Myanmar and Thailand are the Moken or Salone (sometimes also called Salon). Due to their close relation to the ocean, the Moken are very well informed about navigation in irreconcilable water and how they can chase the water creatures they need to live.

It is also reported that the Moken felt the 2004 devastation through a mixture of monitoring livestock behaviour and following the regulations laid down by their forefathers. Gislen carried out an exploration of the astonishing capacity of Moken kids to see subaqueous. Finally, in 2003, Gislen released a survey that showed how well Moken kids can see under water in comparison to older Europeans.

These abilities were not genetic, however, and through some form of exercise, non-Moken kids were able to adapt their vision in the same way as the Moken group. In 2004 National Geographic made a feature length feature about the Moken tribe called Burma's Outlaws. Klaus Reisinger and Frederique Lengaigne's movie followed some of the mokens exposed to the threats of contemporary civilization, travel and governance.

Travelling and the Mergui Island is getting better and better. Sightseeing of the Mergui Archipelago from Myeik is now possible on speedboat outings. Since it is still very early for the normal liner services, please feel free to get in touch with us to look for the latest update. From Kawthaung to the Mergui Island, there are now more possibilities.

Wa Ale Eco- resorts on the Isle of Wa Ale near the Lampi Natural Reserve is a natural wonder. It will open in March-April 2018. Deluxury Apartments on Kyun Phila is a new luxurious hotel to be opened in October 2018. Located near the Isle of Wa Ale and the Lampi nationalpark, 2 hours from Kawthaung, this quality residence has stylish, open and luxurious Yurt with all amenities.

Oo Phee has great sandy beach and accommodations ranging from camping to luxurious mansions. It is the ideal starting point for snorkelling and scuba trips to some of the most popular sites in the Mergui Archipelago. The Boulder Bay Iceland Eco-Resort provides a rural Robinson-style holiday on a privately owned isle. on McLeod Iceland.

Situated in a wonderful cove, this is the first of the Mergui Archipelago MAR resorts. A humble eco-resort, this is a good starting point for discovering the rolling hills of the archipelago and to enjoy the sandy beaches and marine activities. If you are an inexperienced traveller with a lower price, it is possible to spend the night after a snorkel trip in a tent on one of the wonderful isles.

The southern archipelago provides many opportunities for a sail holiday. The best season to explore the Mergui Achipelago is from October to May, when the ocean is calmer. Journeys between the isles can become harsh during the hot season and most vessels remain at anchor in protected coves or have their yearly service in Thailand or Malaysia.

This is a small natural heaven for people who love the outdoors. Brilliant whitewashed shores and clear water are right on our doorstep. The Mergui Archipelago, in the south of Myanmar, is one of these places.

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