Myeik Archipelago Accommodation

Accommodation in Myeik Archipelago

Now there are several hotels in the Mergui Archipelago that open their doors and offer customers a closer view of these beautiful islands. Meik ("Mergui") Archipelago Hotel offers: Explore the best hotels in Myeik Archipelago including Myanmar Andaman Resort. Suggested accommodation in Myeik Archipelago.

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Mergui Archipelago is one of the last pristine and unspoiled tropic targets on the planet. Eight hundred islets are located in the Andaman Sea off the west bank of Burma's secluded southern coast, directly opposite the Thai frontier, and with only a few dozens of people visiting each and every months, the area is practically unfamiliar to the outside worlds.

This archipelago of powder-white sandy areas, staggering palms and thick jungles is almost empty, except for a few dug-out canoe anglers and the hard-to-grasp Moken salypsies - a semi-nomadic species that lives a hunter-gatherer way of being strongly influenced by the ocean. Failure of man's intervention has abandoned the island with a whole series of animals that can no longer be found untroubled on the Asiatic continent.

The archipelago does not have a strong tourist base and there are no luxurious destinations in the area ( "the archipelago was not opened to tourists until the end of the 1990' because it has been taboo since the end of the Second World War), so the best way to enjoy these wonderful archipelago is with a luxurious boat, and the area is perfect for sail.

Myanmar Boating has a pool of the sexiest and most comfortable cruising boats available, perfect for chartering privately or together. You can be sure that all your wishes will be fulfilled with a specialised and charismatic team, experienced cooks and competent masters. A day-long trip on the crystalline waters, a variety of caverns and wonderful sandy shores are the high points of every Mergui cay.

Together with the remainder of Myanmar, the archipelago is a thriving, culturally mature traveler' s paradise and the ideal conclusion to any journey to Burma or Southeast Asia. Kawthaung is the most important seaport for cruising the archipelago and is easy to reach by scheduled flight from Yangon.

Kawthaung is also just a stone's throw from Ranong in Thailand, which is four to five hours by car from Phuket International Station.

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