Myeik Airport

MYIK Airport

MYIK Airport is an airport in Myeik, Burma (IATA: MGZ, ICAO: VYME). MGZ Airport Guide: Terminal plans, arrival and departure times, check-in information and more. Safety profile of Myeik Airport (MGZ/VYME) with a list of air accidents at or near the airport. This Airport Locator is a very useful tool if you plan to travel to Myeik or any other city in Myanmar. Near Myeik Airport MGZ, mm.

Airport Myeik, Myanmar (Code: MGZ)

This Airport Localizer is a very useful utility if you plan to go to Myeik or any other town in Myanmar. On this page you will find full information about Myeik Airport together with the airport layout, timezone, latitude and longitude, actual date and hour, near airport hotel, etc.....

The Myeik Airport Maps shows the position of this airport in Myanmar. The Myeik Airport IATA Code, ICAO Code, Currency etc..... is also offered. About Myeik Airport: All about Myeik Airport / Contact information : Are you looking for information about Myeik Airport, Myeik, Myanmar? Find out more about Myeik Airport. Locate Myeik Airport on the Myanmar airport maps and the nearest airport to Myeik.

The Airport Location is a very useful traveler's guide to find Myeik Airport, as well as information such as Myeik Airport nearby hotel, Myeik Airport airline, etc..... The IATA Code and ICAO Code of all Myanmar International Airport. Browse down to learn more about Myeik Airport or Myeik Airport, Myanmar.

The nearest Myeik, Myanmar airport is located as follows. This is a large airport near the town of Myeik and other airfields near Myeik airport. On this page you will find all information about Myeik Airport, Myanmar. The purpose of this site is to help travellers and tourist to Myanmar or Myeik Airport.

Myeik airport situation - town name, country, area codes etc..... A clickable map of Myeik airport on Google Map. About Myanmar, where Myeik Airport is situated in the town of Myeik. The general information is Myanmar funds, Myanmar money and rates, telephone country codes, US dollar and euro rates for the world's main banks, etc....

Top 10 hotels near Myeik Airport (MGZ)

Are you looking for property near Myeik Airport - MGZ? Soon Myeik will probably be the next gem of the Andaman Empire. The archipelago is beautiful and untouched, largely uncharted, many of its islets have beautiful whitewashed shores and are still populated, and the mangroves are home to a wide range of fish and bird life.

When I get back to Myanmar, it will surely be here: This city is the best proof that Myanmar is not just a pagoda! The city is different from the other well-known touristic..... The city is different from the other well-known touristic places I have been to in Myanmar in the last three wares.

Sadly, the vessels that ran between Kawthong Myeik and Daweik are no longer in operation, which was a frustration, as the travel guides and online agents still name them. In the archipelago I went on a full excursion, which is worthwhile...quite expensive...but it seems to be the only one. Architectural design is noteworthy and the ambience is noteworthy to be experienced.

It is a pleasant city where local people help the people. It is a pleasant city where local people help the people. Excursions and great islets to visit. l only spent 3 nights in Myeik and could have remained..... My stay in Myeik was only 3 nights and I could have been longer.

You can also take a boat to some of the island at such low costs or even spend much more on a touristic itinerary. It was a magic excursion to the island. So we know that our ratings come from genuine visitors who have remained on the site.

Guest-holders spend the night on the premises checking how calm the room is, how kind the personnel are and much more. At the end of the journey the visitors tell us about their sojourn.

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