Myeik Accommodation

Accommodation Myeik

Accommodation in Myeik There is a good selection of accommodation in Myeik, with the Thai styled hotel at the top of our listing. Award-winning Grand Jade is a good mid-range alternative and Sun and White Pearl is also a good one. Being a big Myasee is a good idea while the Myeik Guesthouse is the least expensive one.

Other Strand Road properties were under development when we were visiting the old settlement and other prospective guest houses, so anticipate the building to quickly evolve. Please be aware that rooms overlooking the marina in a seaside resort can offer great sea view, but can also be very loud. Myeik's first Thai styled fashion shop has great rooms, tastefully decorated, a pleasant dining room and the only swimming pools in the city.

See our full rating of Eain Taw Phyu Hotel. Don't be put off by the fluffy welcome of the Hotel Grand Jade and the smart, uniformeted personnel, because the prices are very favourable. See our full rating of Hotel Grand Jade. Sun is a cozy, welcoming little guest house with neat, inexpensive rooms on three levels above a stationary shop.

It is a good place and recommendable if your money doesn't go all the way to the middle class neighbor Grand Jade. Have a look at our full rating of Sun Guesthouse. Myaseesein Hotel by the water must have been the biggest in the city when it opened. Situated on Strand Road, it is slightly recessed with a chic entry that attenuates the sound a little and is perfectly located for the landing stage, the yacht markets and the general harbour area.

See our full rating of Myaseesein Hotel. Redesigned White Pearl offers a good choice in the budgetary area. It has a key location directly behind Myaseesein, but prevents rushing at the water - although its location also means no view at the water. See our full rating of White Pearl Hotel.

We are not sure how new the strange-looking 70s edifice is, but the Myeik Guest House itself seems to be a new business. That means that the front rooms get a little bit of water-sound. Below is a mini mart and the guest house can be reached via a metallic stair on the right side. Have a look at our full rating of the Myeik Guest House.

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