The Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma. MYIK is the coastal capital of South Burma and the access point to the MYIK archipelago. Big savings on hotels in Myeik, Myanmar online. Receive the Myeik weather forecast. Meik, formerly known as Mergui, is the largest city in the Tanintharyi Division.

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Tanintharyi Division's biggest town with an estimate of 250,000 residents has a long and proud maritime heritage and one of the best preserved collectibles of ancient Southeast Asian monuments. At the centre of the town is the busy port front with merchants and a large selection of fishermen's and commuters' wood vessels.

Sights and activities; Myeik is a very esthetic town, which can be seen on a motorcycle with its nice woodwork and lively avenues. Daweik and Myeik were two of the first towns to be populated by the English after the first of the three Anglo-Burmese battles, and as a consequence these two towns have many fine outbuildings.

There is an amazing variety of marine species, blue lobsters, crabs, tuna, swordfish, octopus and crabs, as well as some delicatessen I have never seen before. It has been family-owned for over 150 years and specialises in Myeik beads. They will be pleased to tell you about the sector and how different beads are cultured.

1km east of the center of the village is the boatyard, where you can see the traditional wood fishermen' s yachts, built both large and small. The Mergui Archipelago is still a closed area, but it is possible to explore the two archipelago just outside the cityscape. The two pagodas have a panoramic view of the ancient Myeik and the islets.

Favourite place for local people to meet in the evenings, 2 minutes on foot from the city center and with wonderful view of the North Islands. Thanks to the wealth of shellfish, Myeik has better dining than most other cities in Myanmar.

Big little store, way ahead of its times in Myeik. 1 brick from the water. Accommodation; We recommend Dolphin Guesthouse as a tidy place with an English speaking guide, or at the top of the row the very fashionable and classy Hotel East Taw Phyu.

You can find more information about Myeik on our Guesthouse Page.

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