Myawady tv

Myavady tv

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The project

The Myawady TV compound in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, was fundamentally changed in all three facilities, the TV theatre, the production studio and the news studio, in 2011. The decision was made to fit IFF equipment to completely modernise and change the whole system of the light system.

The IFF is a benchmark in the illumination and rigging industries, recognised worldwide for its comprehensive knowledge and competence in the provision of high performance and dependable illumination systems and related service. Our complete range of rigid control systems - from standard configurations to the most modern and tailor-made solution and product - ensures easy and secure control in TV and movie productions at any time in TV and movie theatres, auditoriums, meeting and showrooms, colleges and theatres.

The decision was made to have 32 IFF Top Lift kits installed for the production theatre.

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