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The Myawaddy Checkpoint of the Army Shutters in Clampdown about car smuggling It was reported that the shutdown followed the army's attempts to combat the trafficking of automobiles across the Thai frontier. On Monday, no car was seen at another closed crossing point, which is also used to bring automobiles into the countryside, where on most of the day there is a line of thousand automobiles on the Thai side of the Moei River/Board.

There were no jobs on either side, except for a few Myanmar workers looking for work. He was one of the many people who travelled to the checkpoint to buy contraband vehicles, Kyaw Than said. In order to see the vehicles, the purchasers have to go across the stream where the vehicles are parking on the Thai side.

Once a transaction is concluded, a Thai salesman takes the vehicle to Myanmar's side. In this case, the Federal Armed Forces require that they pay for a permit to pass the inspection post. In fact, GAF troops even provided a shuttle bus ride to the buyers' houses. The army and Myanmar PD did not dare to take legal proceedings against the Federal Financing Agency until recently, he said.

"You reign in Myawaddy. The majority of the contraband automobiles are used automobiles from Japan and Thailand. While some are robbed automobiles from other lands, purchasers are not worried about it, he said. If you' re looking for cheaper automobiles, you' re coming to Myawaddy from all over Myanmar. In official terms, the authorities only allow imports into the mainland through harbours, but were unable to check the contraband of automobiles across the Thai frontier.

The Myanmar Armed Forces surprisingly inspected two BGF base - two of which were frontier control posts - on Saturday without obtaining BGF leaders' approval. The Myanmar Armed Forces and BGF leader met with each other today in Myawaddy, according to BGF resources. They ordered the closing of a large check point, which had become an important channel for trafficking in cars.

Several Myawaddy citizens said that both sides were responsible for the issue.

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