Myawaddy to Yangon Bus Time

Yangon Bus Time

Contains timetable and fare information, if available. Myanmar Backdoor Explorer - 7 days - Start Mae Sot In Myawaddy you drive in the direction of Hpa An, kayak through the paddy paddies and pass huge calcareous rocks. Then, one flows downstream on the powerful Thanlwin creek to Mawlamyine. Become a traveler on the rail journey to the gold rock, which hangs wild at its top over the plain. Then, the street beats of Yangon, a little louder than the hinterlands, but somehow still slowly, with concealed lanes for the kitchen and tales to tell.

A unique experience:- Cruise across the Thai-Burmese frontier and step into Burma through the back door, a path few people have made before you. - Discover the uncharted, the landscape, the slow pace and the inquisitive smile and the open-hearted. - Walk to the Golden Rock and roam the Yangon City.

It is best to travel from November to February when it is arid and the temperature is cold. The price includes breakfasts. Golden Rock can only be accessed with an extra person. The price includes:Meals: and 6 breakfasts. Sot Mae - Hpa An - Mawlamyine - Kyaiktiyo // Kinpun - Yangon.

Burma and drive on the street to Hpa An. Coming to Hpa An in the afternoons, you will be checking into your Mt. Spend your free day walking through the small alleys of Hpa An, trying the locals curry and colorful fruits in-store. Accommodation in Hpa An.

At 07:30 Thai clock you will be brought to the Burma-Going. Across the street a Chauffeur driven vehicle will meet you at 08:00 hrs and take you to your Hpa An accommodation. Estimated check-in around 15:00 (expected 7 hour drive).

There is a 30 minute delay between Thailand and Burma.

The price includes breakfast. Accommodation in Hpa An. The English-language tour leader will meet you at your accommodation around 08:00 a.m. and take you by motorcycle or tuk tuk to the start of your sea voyage. It may be necessary to shorten your trip and substitute it with a walk and a trip to a typical Kayin Village when the waters are low.

Awaken in the early mornings for a little early breakfasts before your days really begin. It is a truly indigenous event in a small town that hardly welcomes people. After arriving in Mawlamyine (Moulmeine) in the afternoons you will leave the boat and have the remainder of the daily at your leisure. The price includes full board and lodging.

There is no lunches and we recommend that you take a Hpa An lunkbin. Accommodation in your lodgings in Mawlamyine. At about 08:00 o'clock you ride the bike or tuk tuk to the footbridge in Hpa An. Transfers by personal boats to Mawlamyine (Moulmeine) with stopovers.

Carriage not included: After arriving at the footbridge in Mawlamyine you will be taken to your accommodation in Mawlamyine on your own. Take your free days in Mawlamyine, formerly Moulmein, right on the Andaman Sea shore on the powerful Salween (Thanlwin) River Danube. Look at the biggest lying Buddha in Burma and walk the Mawlamyine Beach Road on the bank of the powerful Thanlwin River.

The price includes breakfast. Carriage not included: All transport used on your free daily excursions in Mawlamyine is at your own cost. Become a traveller when you take the rough commuter rail link from Mawlamyine to Kyaiktiyo - your opportunity to interact with the natives and meet them at eye level. Rent a tuk tuk and get to Kinpun, your resting place for the nig.

A small dusty city with few stores offering colorful fruits, regional food and dry coffee-bean. Its actual draw is its state as a base camp or gate to the Golden Rock, which means that literally a hundred travellers will be passing through Kinpun. When you decide to sit and watch, go behind the fa├žade of Kinpun by walking through the small dirty roads, waving to the natives who work in their yards and hanging out after nightfall until the power is out.

You will then have a good night's rest to get ready for tomorrow's walk to the Gold Peak. The price includes breakfast. Accommodation in a Kinpun guesthouse. Don't forget to pick up your upper class seating ticket in your local hotels front desk in Mawlamyine. Arrival at 08:00 (please allow at least 20 min. for self pickup from the hotel).

Arrival at Kyaiktiyo railway at 12:30 pm. Carriage not included: Direct from your Mallamyine accommodation to your Kinpun accommodation at Kyaiktiyo and Kawlamyine stations (also known as Golden Rock Basecamp). If you want to go to Golden Rock today, a lorry from the Kinpun Yatetaung terminal and back is highly recommendable and will be carried out at your own cost.

Golden Rock, so wild at its top, high above the plain. Your lorry rises up the hill from Kinpun and stops half way so that lorries can cross from the opposite side. Then at Yatetaung Terminus, no more than a dirty place, encircled by a fistful of community stores, get out and walk on.

Enormously, the Golden Rock itself is just the cherry on the cake. No. After returning to Kinpun, you are prepared for your next stop to take the Yangon shuttle service. The price includes breakfast. Accommodation in Yangon. Please be sure to collect your Kinpun to Yangon coach pass at the front desk before leaving.

From Kinpun 13:00 and arriving in Yangon around 19:00. Carriage not included: Self transfers between Kinpun and Yatetaung Terminals (at the bottom of the Golden Rock). Please be aware that you have to run the last 45-60 min. from Yatetaung to Golden Rock and back. Golden Rock entrance is not inclued.

Lunch and get ready to move out of Burma or get ready for more Burma exploration. The price includes breakfast.

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