Myawaddy to Yangon

Yangon from Myawaddy

A new road across the Dawna Mountains to Myawaddy is now open. From Yangon you can take a car or minibus (with driver) to Myawaddy. Myawaddy /Mae Sot to Yangon - Yangon (Rangoon) Board

I thought I would publish a TR on this journey I made in September, just after the Myawaddy entry restriction was removed. This is an excellent option to fly to Myanmar - very simple to organize yourself or through an agent, inexpensive and scenically attractive! Earlier, around 7 a.m., from Mae Sot to Myawaddy.

There was no pain or friction in the migration process. Monetary exchanges were completed by a 24-hour ATM on the street on your lefthand side after you released Myawaddy migration, making it simple to get your hands on the area' curasan. When you have not yet organized the transportation (and in my opinion it is less expensive to drive from Myawaddy to Yangon than vice versa), you will receive many quotations for transportation, with different car models, qualities and price-s.

An agreed upon fare of 20,000 kyats brought me a beautiful vehicle on a road to Hpa-An, with a good English-speaking rider, A/C and two Myanmar travellers in the background who were asleep most of the way! Simply verify when the vehicle should actually leave, otherwise you can wait a while while while they try to get more people for the voyage.

While I didn't wonder how much a travel to Yangon would be overall, keep in mind that the rider must either stay in Hpa-An or Yangon and come back, which must be taken into account in price setting, plus gas oline charges. On the Myawaddy Kawkareik Strait (which meanders through the hills and is a nice, but tough and uneven ride), there are several different routes on different dates that you must take into account when you plan your itinerary!

I' m recommending a beautiful comfort vehicle for this part of the voyage; a boyfriend took a coach and it was apparently not the most enjoyable voyage he ever had! All in all it took about 5-6 hrs from Myawaddy to Hpa-An, where they stopped for dinner in Kawkareik. I originally planned to stay a few nights in Hpa-An, but the wheather was not perfect, so I took a night coach to Yangon, which was usually long, tired and freezing - it's 4 hrs by road and 7+ hrs by coach.

At Hpa-An I was given 10,000 kyats for a ride in a 4 other cars (including driver) back to Myawaddy. If you are in Hpa-An, visit the Kaw Ka Thaung cave (accessible via a street that leads you past a very long row of hundred monks' statues), and above all the breathtaking lakes behind it; it is breath-taking.

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