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Radio & Television, State Owned. The Myanmar Television (TV) has two brocasting centers.

News - Myanmar presents racial nationality on TV channels

Burma has decided to expand the reach of the nation by adding a new television station called the National Races Canal. The test broadcast of the station with eight nationality tongues is scheduled for mid-October, including Kachin, Kayah, Kayin, Chin, Mon, Rakhine, Shan and Wa.

"to broaden the circle of men. It' s to be expected that the canal would be in the interests of all racial nationalities," said Information Minister U Aung Kyi on Saturday in Nay Pyi Taw at a co-ordination session with members of different racial groups.

It emphasized the vital importance of disseminating information is not only for individuals in metropolitan areas, but also for individuals in isolated areas for the advancement of racial groupings. The exchange of precise and expert information requires the help of the mass communication press in areas of different nations, he emphasised, stressing that this is only possible through non-commercial joint use.

In the meantime, a draft law has been presented to the European Commission's public service department on the prescribing of medicines that can make a greater contribution to supporting non-commercial EU publicity. Farmers Channel and Hluttaw (Parliament) Channel will also be broadcast on October 15th in Yangon, Nay Pyi Taw and Mandalay.

There are currently three state television channels: MRTV, MRTV-4 and Myanmar International (MI) TV as well as Myawaddy (MWD) TV. MRTV, MWD-TV and MRTV-4 broadcast messages and entertainments in the Myanmar audio and video world. Meanwhile, MRTV and MWD-TV broadcast in English. MIV and MRTV-4 are operated by a governmental and privately owned JV.

The MRTV-4 is run by the state-owned Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) in collaboration with the privately owned Forever Media Group. The Myanmar television broadcasting system was first established in 1979 as a test run in Yangon. The first MRTV was officially established in 1980 and the normal television broadcasting was officially established in 1981.

In June 2012 MRTV and Voice of America (VOA) concluded a MoU. As part of the MoU, VOA supports Myanmar with modern facilities and provides MRTV staff trainings. The opening of Myanmar's audiovisual industry to the outside is preparing some international channels such as DVB, CNN, BBC and Al Jazeera TV to join the domestic TV broadcasting scene.

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