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New Light of Myanmar. The materials can be downloaded as PDF files and read with Adobe Reader. Sat directed translation of English newspapers for the king and the court.

Mehrsprachige Perspektiven in der Geolinguistik: 2nd edition - Hikaru Kitabayashi

MILP is a paper published by the American Society of Geolinguistics, with the full involvement of its members in Japan. 2. is a significantly extended model with new sections at the particular wish of the editor. Principal contributors are Professor Wayne Finke from Baruch College (City University of New York) and Professor Hikaru Kitabayashi from Daito Bunka University.

Its aim was to provide prospective users with a more comprehensive overview of contemporary geolinguistics reading than the first issue, which defines geolinguistics as the studies of contacting and/or conflicting tongues and variants of these. Also this second issue contains many small revisions to the source text and it is to be expected that it will be a more satisfactory event than the first one.

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