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Dvb Myanmar Today - Burma Itinerary. Flooding forces tens of thousands out of their Myanmar houses Floods have displaced tens of millions of people from their houses in southeastern Myanmar, the Indonesian municipality said on Friday as agencies and voluntary workers sought to feed and help the people. Severe monsoons have shaken the Karen state, the Mon state and the Bago area in recent times and show no signs of a decline, giving rise to concerns that the worse may yet come.

Photographs and video footage showed inhabitants of Karen's provincial capitol Hpa - a boat that had turned into a river while others were obliged to flee on feet through waist-high waters. "More than 6,000 refugees in Hpa-an and about 4,000 in Myawaddy," Kyi Linn, the Karen State Director of the Karen State Policy Forces, said to the AFP, and referred to a second city on the Thai frontier.

Earlier, a civil servant from the Department of Health and Human Services said that 16,000 persons had been internally displaced to eight Karen provinces. The state-run press released images of Aung San Suu Kyi on Friday, who visited Karen State the previous morning and spoke with casualties, aid personnel and voluntary help. According to The Global New Light Of Myanmar, its administration has released 200 million kyats ($140,000) to help the refugees and that the reconstruction of demolished footbridges is a top of the agenda.

"We' re now providing supplies to tsunami survivors who don't want to abandon their homes," said Ni Ni Aung, a Kyonedoe local NGO and added that they have no other option but to go when the rain gets worse. Myanmar, like its neighbors, is facing heavy floods every year, and in 2015 climatologists even put it at the top of a worldwide ranking of countries most affected by extremes of rain.

This year, more than 100 persons perished in floods, which also drove away tens of thousands throughout the state. About 138,000 persons were murdered in 2008 when Cyclone Nargis struck large parts of Myanmar's coastline. Floods in the south of Myanmar have created a mudslide in a famous Buddhist marsh, sunk houses and driven away several hundred lives while the monsoons rained down on the area.

Fatalities from a respiratory chicken epidemic in northeastern Nigeria have increased to 21, with most of the casualties staying in a Boko Haram forced displacement camps, the Department of Public health said on Tuesday. The Myanmar public health workers have acknowledged that a measles epidemic is behind the killings of more than 30 individuals, mostly kids, in a secluded part of the nation, as the agencies are hurrying to deal with the casualties.

Over 800,000 refugees in West Burma are warning the United Nations against life-saving care for their offspring. 14 refugees in northeastern Nigeria have been killed by the death of smuggling and most of the casualties live in a camps for those who have been internally displaced by Boko Haram's force, the Department of Public Health said on Saturday.

Flood in Romania took four human lifes and more than 250 refugees, the locals said on Sunday.

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