Myawaddy Map

Map of Myawaddy

Wikivoyage Myawaddy travel guide; "Myawadi map - satellite pictures of Myawadi" by Maplandia; "Myawaddy photos: The Myawaddy or Myawadi is a border town in Myanmar. Everything from road and street maps to high-resolution satellite images of Myawaddy. The Myawaddy is a city in southeast Myanmar in the state of Kayin near the border to Thailand.

This page shows the location of Myawaddy, Myanmar (Burma) on a detailed terrain map.

Myawaddy Map

This four-way round trip highlights places of interest, rides and other places of interest. The map only shows places of interest within an appropriate radius of Myawaddy (usually 20 km for lodging and 50 km for sights). To find more distant locations, please try a map for a more detailed location (some of which are shown below) or try the find field (backup above).

Maiwaddy Travels

Mae Sot - Myawaddy - Hpa An (-)On your way to the Myanmari side of the Myanmar frontier, your tour leader awaits you in Myawaddy to take you to Hpa An, the capitol of the state of Kayin. At GabbanaDay 2: Hpa An - Marlamyine (B,L,-)Prepare yourself for a gentle days of adventures with lots of activity and impressions to enjoy a true Kayin lifestyle.

Kayaking through the rice paddies for about half an hours, we begin the work. Leaving the canoes behind and walking through the woods and visit Kayin towns; Kayin Town & Knot Hair Town for a relaxing 1 hr trekk.

Kayaking for half an hours takes us to a wonderful old style home where a homemade meal is provided by the family. In the afternoon you will drive to the village of Marlamyine. You' ll be visiting the Seindon Mibaya Monastery in Marlamyine, a very nice example of Mon Museum and the architectural design.

Drive on to Ni Paya to have a look over the town and stroll through the area with imposing old houses from the era when Orwell, Kipling and others lived in this town and see the first Baptist churches. At the Cinderella Day 3: Kyaiktiyo - Cawlamyine ( )After your morning meal, pick up your ticket at the front desk of the hotel/guide and drive independently (about 20 minutes) to Kyaikto at 8:00 am (the trains arrive in Kyaikto at 12:30 pm).

Savour the scenery and paddy fields during the journey by rail. After arriving at Kyaikto railway terminal, own transfers to the base camp accommodation. You are advised to leave your baggage at the guesthouse and run to the base camp, and you will have to organise your own lorry to take you to the Golden Rock.

After lunch, take a lorry back to Kin Pun Base Camp and walking to your motel for about 10 mins. For a free afternoons today, you can go to Golden Rock the next evening at Golden Sunrise HotelDay 4: Kyaiktiyo - Yangon (B)Breakfast at the motel.

Pick up your coach ticket at the front desk of the hotels. Take the coach to Yangon, which departs around 13:00 and arrives in Yangon around 18:00. After arriving in Yangon, own transfers to the city.

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