Myawaddy Hotel

The Myawaddy Hotel

The Myawaddy Hotel is very cheap and is only five minutes walk from the immigration, passing the market on the main road. The extensive and relatively old-established hotel consists of two five-storey L-shaped blocks next to a parking lot. TripAdvisor for hotels near Myawaddy Avenue, Myawadi: Let's plan a place to stay in Myawaddy. The Myawaddy Palace Hotel, Myawadi, Kayin State, Burma.

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There was no boiling on the first of the days, although the head was fine - I think the ELD Checker knob needs to be pressed up to put it back, as it gave me boiling cold tap on at least the second one. Rooms purified on the 2. days and supplied with free of charge drinking cistern. I had in Myanmar.

Take K1,500 each way and take a cab to Myanmar Casino Complex for a not so inexpensive but very beautiful Thailand-feeding. Simple enough to go to/from the checkpoint.a rather bad value place for this prize why even `recommend' it. on here....?

Cause Dave n when your pass through Myawaddy and looking for a place to be lucky with searching for information about staying on line as options. This was for your information and not, as you say, a "recommendation". Knowing so much about Myanmar, it may have been a more positive answer to suggest alternative solutions if you were conscious of it.

This kind of commentary is more useful for travelers avoiding places with restricted research information available on-line. The best'alternative' is not even to remain there, as there is no justification why anyone........ Agee Myawaddy is for'going through' (you can hardly call it'out of the way')......not for remaining o/n...

I' m going to stay in Myawaddy and cross the frontier by bike in the morning. There' s also Riverside Guesthouse, which, as the name already says, is on the banks of the stream (with a brewery in between)....a blinking notice in front indicates that it is accepting foreigners....if the Myawaddy Hotel is as poor as the surgery proposes, you might try it first.....

Anyone have any contacts or can I just stroll in? Thanks, but actually Mae Sot will drive me over there after a few day with the intention to stay in Myawaddy.

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