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Myawaddy ShweSu Guesthouse, Myawadi, Kayin State, Burma. The cheapest accommodation in Myawaddy Myanmar Since our arrival there are rumours that the Evergreen Hotel does not welcome visitors from abroad. Myanmar Youth Homes need a foreigner admission licence, so it can only be limited if Evergreen renews its licence. TIP: If you are planning to arrive in Myanmar via Myawaddy, we suggest that you arrive early in the morning and arrive in Hpa An the same time.

Coming from Northern Thailand, you are crossing the Friendship Brigde from Mae Sot to Myawaddy. When you are too latecomer (the frontier will close at 8pm), you should stay one of the nights in Myawaddy. Many places are not able to accommodate international visitors at the moment of research, but this will quickly be changed.

The Evergreen Motel is located near the boarder and can accommodate aliens. Go 1 - 2 min. directly on the highway from the frontier crossing. Take a 3 min footpath into Ban Du La Stra├če, the Evergreen Motel is on the leftside. The Myawaddy Hotel, opposite Phayarrn Gyee Kaung, quarter number 4, Bayint Naung rd, Myawaddy.

Go 5-10 min. directly on the Hauptstra├če from the frontier crossing. The Myawaddy is on the leftside. Accommodation is high standard and ranges from 28,000Ks ($22 or 16) - 91,000Ks ($70 or 50) for a specific room. Journeys to other places in Myanmar? Schedule a trip to Inle Lake, Kalaw, Yangon, Mandalay, Hpa An, Hsipaw, Pyin U Lwin and the frontier city of Myawaddy.

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Picture book guest house

Picturebook Guesthouse has 10 en-suite rooms in a beautiful backdrop of gardens, all close to the center of Mae Sot on the Thai-Burmese boarder. We' re a sustainability company founded by Young Connect in Mae Sot in order to respond to the increasing need for young people to be employed and employable.... and profit supports our young trainees!

Lovin' what the picture book represents and how it works. Best of all, the employees are young people who are educating themselves in the hotel and catering and tourist industries. Situated in a calm place not too far from the road. This cosy little guesthouse is very much recommended.

This guesthouse is full of unique works of artwork that have been produced in collaboration with community organizations. There is also a quiet, artistically decorated gardens, perfect for seating and relaxation. Browse our review and see our TripAdvisor page for a selection of our guests.

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