Myawaddy City

City Myawaddy

The Myawaddy or Myawadi (Burmese ?????

?????) is a border town in Myanmar. The Myawaddy (sometimes also Myawaddi, Myawadi or Myawady) is a border town in Myanmar.

About Myawaddy

Burkina is a bustling city on the Thai frontier, located in the state of Karen (Kayin). Its lack of personality is balanced in practice and interest; the traverse here currently provides the most comfortable overland path between Myanmar and Thailand, which is nearest to Mount Kyaiktiyo (the Golden Rock), Hpa An, Mawlamyine and Yangon.

Myawaddy's new highway, which links Myawaddy to the remainder of Myanmar and leads through the gorgeous Dawna Mountains, is now open (travelers no longer have to struggle with the harsh old highway, which was very sluggish and ran on a part-time one-way system). Myawaddy itself is located around its major east-west route, a straight extension of the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge to Mae Sot (the Thai city is 5 km from the other side of the border).

Motorcycle taxes are easily found on both sides of the boarder. Like so many cities in Myanmar, Myawaddy has a bustling square and a pit stop in the center; both are near the northern side of the highway and are great for a walk if you have some free space.

A number of cash machines are available in the city center, among them a KBZ bank near the checkpoint. Watch our YouTube movie from Myanmar-Thailand Myawaddy-Mae Sot and visit our Flickr photoset for a larger variety of pictures of Myawaddy and the Dawna-mountains.

You can find more information about Myanmar's checkpoints under Arrival and departure by road.


Burma is a city between Myanmar and Thailand. It' linked to Mae Sot on the other side of the frontier. Boundary migration between the two nations organizes the daily passport near the boarder. Myawaddy is full of all sorts of clothing, housewares and veggies.

There' s also the major pageant in Myawaddy.

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