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Southeast Asia and Hong Kong Finance Source Book - Chwee Huat Tang

There has been much awareness of the Asia fiscal crises in this part of the globe, particularly in South-East Asia, where the crises occurred for the first time. Whilst there are indications of an economy recovering in the affected states, the key issue for global interest remains the impact of recent developments in South-East Asia.

Volume III is a practical index of the various banks in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. Much of this is unique to Southeast Asia. Part IV is a listing of acronyms and Part V is an encyclopedia or glossary of finance from A-Z. Many of these words are unique to Southeast Asia.

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Myawaddy Bank, Myanmar, has selected the EdgeVerve Systems and Infosys' flagship product FINOCORE BANK and the EdgeVerve Systems D-ChannelSelection. Says the provider, the new technology will provide "significant automation" of the bank's front-to-back offices, optimize the bank's operating procedures and cut maneuver. It will be implemented by ACE Data Systems, Finacle's Myanmar affiliate.

"We chose to work with FINOCLE as our technological transition strategy partners because of its powerful solutions expertise, demonstrated success story and expertise in working with major global banks," said U Yu Lwin, Managing Director of Myawaddy Bank. Another well-known customer of the Myanmar-based company is the Asia Green Development Bank (AGD Bank), which signed a contract with Infosys in 2015.

Infosys and Myanmar: Myawaddy Bank selects InfoSys Finacle for its digital transformation

Through Myawaddy Bank Ltd." The Myawaddy Bank Ltd is a privately held public liability firm incorporated under the Myanmar Companies Act (1914) and reorganized in accordance with the Financial Institutions Law 2016 for Development and Commercial Bank. EdgeVerve Systems, a 100% affiliate of Infosys, is the industry's premier provider of EdgeVerve Systems' advanced solutions for online and offline payment.

FINOCALIQUE supports established and aspiring banks in driving a truly global transition to deliver a smooth client experience, a bigger eco-system, insight-driven interaction and pervasive automations. FINOCLE provides software and services to key banks, omni-channel banks, payment transactions, treasuries, originations, liquidity managers, institutional banks, global banks, global banks, Islamic banks, global banks, global banks, Wealth Managers, analysts, artificial intelligentsia and block chain needs to promote economic efficiency.

A rating of the 1250 largest financial institution in the global banking industry shows that the Finacle Core Banking solutions have an annual cost/revenue reduction of 7.2 percentage points. State-of-the-art programming technology and the best on-site service for clients make ACE the premier Myanmar based application engineering company.

Some of the forward-looking statements contained in this communication about our outlook for further economic development are forward-looking assertions about our outlook for our businesses that are relevant to the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, which involves a number of factors and assumptions that could cause results to differ materially from those contained in such forward-looking assertions.

These forward-looking forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risk and uncertainty with respect to changes in profits, currency translation, our capacity to control economic development, fierce IT service competitors, as well as those that could impact our competitive edge, salary rises in India, our capacity to recruit and maintain high quality talent, excess fixed-price timeframes and costs, time-limited master agreements, customer concentrations, migration constraints, industrial sector concentrations and our capacity to control our globalization, among others,

Further potential exposures that could have an impact on our results of operations are described in more detail in our records with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and in our Annual Report on Form 20-F for the year ended March 31, 2017. At times InSys may make further forward-looking statement, both verbally and in writing, as well as forward-looking statement included in the Company's filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and in our shareholder reporting.

Furthermore, we would like to point out that the date of this news item is stated at the beginning of the news item and all forward-looking statement herein are subject to our judgment at this point in it. ALTANA does not commit itself to updating forward-looking statement made from year to year by or on the name of the ALTANA Group, unless this is legally require.

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