Myawaddy Bank Head Office

Burkhard Bank Head Office

("headquarters") in Myanmar. ("Headquarters") address, phone number, email, reviews and photos. Mr. Gikopoulos is the new Global Head of ai & automation.

Short project description: Myawaddy Bank (head office). Co-operative Bank, First Private Bank, Myawaddy Bank, Ayeryarwaddy Bank.

The Myawaddy Bank Ltd. {\a6}(Headquarters) (Myanmar)

Hello, MWD Bank, I am Sithu, Treasury of Yoma Bank. I' d like to know if MWD Bank Interbank is able to work with Yoma Bank? Where possible, let me know how I can get in touch with those in charge of MWD's inter-bank trading at Nostro AC? What is the number of branch offices of myawaddy bank?

The Myawaddy Bank Ltd. Sule Pagoda Road, between Merchant Road and Strand Road, Lower Block, Ward (3), KTDA, Myanmar. Enterprises works in banks, cooperative banks doing commercial work. This your deal? Refresh your store data by including telephone, website, descriptions, working times, locations on the card, classes and pictures.


WHICH IS A SWIFT/BICODE? It is the default business identifier number ( "BIC") and an unambiguous identifier key for banking and finance companies worldwide. They are used for interbank transfer of funds, especially in the case of cross-border credit transfer or SEPA payment. It is a standardized business identifier codec that has been authorized by the ISO 9362 (International Organization for Standardization).

This is a clear identifier key for credit and non-finance companies. SWIFT is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financials Telecommunication. If it is allocated to a non-financial institute, the cipher can also be referred to as a Business Entity Identifier or BEI. They are used for the transfer of funds between banking houses, especially for cross-border credit transfer, and for the exchanging of other information between them.

Sometimes the code can be found on bank statement. There is a discussion of the overlap between the two standards in the International Bank Acct Number (also known as IBAN). SWIFT does not need a proprietary transactional file system, so the SWIFT networks leave it to the parties to the transactions to identify the type of transactions and the type of transactions.

As part of the SEPA, the European CEPBs have reached agreement on a shared IBAN-BIC standard file system, which includes an XML-based transfer standard for standardised operations; TARGET2 is a shared wholesale settlement system in the EU that does not use the SWIFT net for transfer (see EBICS).

The Swift Code MWDBMMMYXXX, also known as BIC Code, is a clear bank identification of MYAWADDY BANK LIMITED and is used to check bank transfers (International Wire Transfers). Bank Swift Code provides information about the bank and bank to which the funds are to be remitted.

The ability to verify information about the sent code gives you the information you need to make or accept payment. Several of the vendors and their subsidiaries profit from an addresslist that allows you to compare fast code with the office adress of the bank.

Uniquely fast and efficient, this list of codes offers companies and private persons an simple way to prevent errors in bank transfers and remittances. This page contains details about the bicode MWDBMMMY for MYAWADDY BANK LIMITED. The quick access codes follow the same general pattern as described in the next section.

To analyze the bicode MWDBMMMYXXX in detail, please click on the bottom of the page for further detail. There are 8 or 11 digits in the BWIFT key (BIC code). For example, the following fictional swifts "AAAABBCCDDD". For this purpose the Alpha-2 countrycode is used. It is the place coded.

FF, for example, is the place name for Frankfurt, KK is the place name for Copenhagen and so on. If the second sign (8th in the BIC code) also sometimes bears this information: If the second sign is "0", then it is usually a test BIC as compared to a BIC used in the BIC in the real life networks. If the second sign is "2", then it is usually a reversing billing BIC in which the receiver will pay for the messages, as compared to the more common way in which the originator will pay for the messages.

The last three digits are a" Store code" that refers to a particular bank subsidiary. When this section is omitted or (optionally) completed with "XXX", it is an 8-digit shift key, which means that it is a head office (PRIMARY) of the bank.

Typically, when we refer to the headquarters of a bank, the industry standard is "XXX". If an 8-digit number is specified, it can be considered to refer to the head office, but fast bank identification numbers with or without the "XXX" store number can be used, subject to the request of the transaction you are working with.

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), a department of the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT), registers these standards. Initially standardised as Business Identifier Cards ( "BICs"), they are still often referred to as such. Countrycode:MM - This is the 2-digit countrycode of MYANMAR (MM).

Locazionale Code:MY - This stands for the locazione and the second digit/character has the value "Y". Branche Code:XXX - This means that this is the primary office (or head office) of MYAWADDY BANK LIMITED. In case you are not sure what data you are using, please contact the bank or bank concerned.

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