Myaungmya Township

Municipality of Myaungmya

Township Myaungmya is a community of the Myaungmya District in the Ayeyarwady region of Myanmar. It is located near Myaungmya. Myanmar township with population statistics, maps, map and location. This is a list of villages in Myaungmya Township, Myaungmya District, Ayeyarwady Region, Burma (Myanmar). Township Myaungmya is a community of the Myaungmya District in the Ayeyarwady region of Myanmar.

Municipality of Myaungmya

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Myungmya (Burmese: ??????mjá??mja?????????[mjá??mja? mjo?]) is a city in the municipality of Myaungmya, Ayeyarwady Region, Myanmar. It hosts the Myanmar Union Adventist Seminar, an Adventist Seminar on the seventh day and the Myaungmya Education College. U Nu, the first prime minister of Burma, and Daw Khin Kyi, woman of General Aung San, the country's leading official, were borne in Myaungmya.

This was also one of the cities where anti-colonial nationalist formation was introduced, with U Nu acting as county educational counsel.

Municipality of Myaungmya

Remark: The borders of the country, provinces and districts have strongly altered since 1908. Municipality of Myaungmya County, Lower Burma, lies between 15 47' and 16 43' N. and 94 36' and 95 13' E., with an area of 1,069 sq m. Situated between the Pyamalaw and Panmawadi streams to the south, it stretches from the Myaungmya stream to the ocean.

Most of it is shallow and would be a typically continental area if a small part of the hills in the southwest of the township headquarters were not the only highlands in the district. Most of the inhabitants invade the northeast, and large parts of the jungles can be found in the southerly parts.

In 1891 the number of inhabitants was 53,224 and in 1901 75,343, divided into 227 towns and one city, Myaungmya (4,711 inhabitants), the headquarters. During 1903-4 the area under crops was 205 sq. m. and paid 3,15,000 rupees; the overall income was 5,68,000 rupees. Headquarters of the district and the community of the same name in the Irrawaddy Division of Lower Burma, located at 16 35' N. and 95 E., on the Myaungmya riverbank, near the district's west-boundar.

Myungmya is a district whose headquarters is one of the smallest in the province. In 1901 the number of inhabitants was 4,711. Parts of the city are low, but the civilian railway yard is not uncomfortably high behind the local buildings grouped around the riverbank.

In the city's story, there is little more remarkable than what is epitomized in the district paper. The first ascent under the Karens took place in 1853 and forty years later it became the district headquarters. Myaungmya Community was founded in 1886. There' re no major industry in the city.

With about 100 students, the urban is the most important in the district.

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