Myaung Mya

Myan Mya

The Myaung Mya bridge is collapsing, and leaves two lives behind unaccounted for. Myaung-Mya Expansion Bridge in the Ayeyarwady region crashed into the Rway at about 1:45 am this mornig. Two men were missed. A 6-wheeled lorry containing chicken food dived down the stream with two passengers, as well as the rider, and they are still missed, said officers.

When it collapsed, wagons and lorries that could not navigate the stream were lying on either side of the stream, awaiting the help of the agencies that are now looking for lorries. It was 1450 ft long and had a 28 foot broad street and was opened to the public on September 18, 1996.

Muayungmya brigde collapses killing two

The hanging viaduct of Muayungmya crumbled over two week after it had been maintained on April 1 and killed two more. The entrance between Labutta and Labutta is closed off. When a lorry crossed the suspended platform, the hanging platform fell. Transit busses and lorries between the townships of Labutta and Muayungmya have halted.

Work on the hanging gantry began on 1 March 1994 and commenced on 18 September 1996. Its life span already ended on January 20, 2017.

The Encyclopaedia Britannica 1911

Myaungmya, a county in the Irrawaddy Department of Lower Burma, was founded in 1893 from a part of Bassein county and rebuilt in 1903. There has an area of 2663 sqm, and a total of 278,119 people ( (1901), representing an increase of 49% in the decade area and a densities of 104 residents on the sqkm.

There were about 12,800 Christians among the people, mainly Karens. It is a delta wing that borders the ocean to the southern side and is crossed by many torrents. Rice-growing and fisheries employ virtually all residents of the area. In 1901 the village of Myaungmya had 4711 residents.

Council of State orders that the Myaungmya Bridge be reconstructed within a year.

State Councillor Vladimir Vladivostok paid a visit to the site of the viaduct that crumbled at the beginning of the months after he had taken part in Tuesday mornings' peaceful discussions with local people in Myaungmya. "The Council of State has ordered the completion of the viaduct within a year. Therefore, we will adapt the initial artwork and construct a latticework.

On April 1, when the viaduct fell, two men were killed in a semi. A few workdays later, the construction department issued a declaration that the fall was due to a construction error in the structure of the viaduct. Myanmar is inspected twice a year for repairs and the Department of Construction has taken steps to avoid the other hanging gantries collapsing, the Department said in a declaration.

It was opened to the general population on 27 March 1996 and crumbled after 22 years of operation. Parliament last year endorsed Dr. Soe Moe Thu's suggestion to construct a new viaduct in Myaungmya costing over 6 billion Kyat. Legislators said the viaduct had been damaged structurally by obese relief convoy that crossed the viaduct after Cyclone Nargis in 2008.

The building of a new viaduct began in December and was initially planned for 2020. Up to now, the state has set up two large vessels to transport automobiles across the riverbank, but the large number of ferry and freight vessels that cross the riverbank has forced customers to spend long periods of time waiting.

"Labutta passengers leaving early in the mornings have to spend all afternoon waiting in Myaumgmya to get to the other side of the city. Myaungmya' ferries put the passengers' busses in a line.

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