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The Myanmar Times | Acheik for everyone

Mogoke Pauk Pauk launches a range of classic clothes from Mogoke. SOMORE and more in Myanmar drop the long jersey for a set of denim. It would be a bad idea to copy off old-fashioned attire. Without a doubt, the best messenger for our costumes is Aung San Suu Kyi.

Traveling abroad and seeing the world's leading figures, she will bring a little Burma and show in an elegant way what Burma's dress and ageiks are like. However, a true Myanmar traditionally produced Akheik, like the one carried by the Sate Counselor, cost more than 100,000 K. Pauk Pauk Mogoke (in the picture) has sworn to turn this trndn.

Their last show on July 15 in Yangon showed their most attractive but affordably dressed costumes. Kettledrum Pauk was in Mogoke in the Mandalay area. There, she showed her skill and tastes in West European style, but she never let go of the tradition of Akheik-style. "Myanmar's clothes with patterns of aggression were only used in the palace during the time of the Myanmar warriors.

It was unattainable for the ordinary citizen and the minutes would not allow the citizen to carry them," Mogoke Pauk Pauk states. If you do not buy and carry an achik, the only reasons are the prices. Getting less expensive materials but remaining as near to the initial model and technology as possible will lower the cost and allow practically every woman in Myanmar to perform," she says.

On Saturday, Mogoke Pauk Pauk was the first to appear on the scene at the Suke Shangrila Hotel, dressed in one of her creations: a noble black-orange shirt and an achik glittering in golden. The FGM ageik clothes were designed for Myanmar woman, all of them," she said to the mob. To captivate the public, the show began with shiny greens.

Their last range of clothing was more contemporary and comfy. "We cannot make clothing without seeing the contemporary woman they wear," said Mogoke Pauk Pauk. FGM clothing is made of woven fabric and decorated with Myanmar weaves. A FGM ageik gown will cost between 23500 and 18500.

If you wear a slice of Akeik shawl with your gown, it will cost about K5000. You can find them in most wholesalers, says Mogoke Pauk Pauk. The latest Mogoke Pauk Pauk timpani collections were received with great applause that evening. Also, Mogoke Pauk Pauk announces that she plans to open a small museum devoted to archeik to show archeik design from all age groups.

However, its greatest contributor to the preservation of the acheikk traditions is certainly that it allows a larger number of females to carry them and to keep the traditions intact.

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