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The Myanmat Film

Explore the best and latest articles on film & TV in Myanmar. I' m told this movie is a comedy. The European Film Festival - Myanmar. NOTE: Films must be made by people from Myanmar and Singapore. in Yangon, Myanmar.

Myanmar film rights summit

Theinbyu Street, Yangon, at the Assembly Room of the Printing and Publishing Department (PPD) last night, a get-together was organized to debate further planning for the further evolution of Myanmar's new film law. Speaking at the opening address, Union Minister Dr. Pe Myint said that all political groups must work together to create a new film law that is in line with contemporary trends, and moderated the debate on cinema moderation before the new film law is introduced.

The Myanmar Motion Picture Organization's sponsor, U Soe Moe (Baji Soe Moe) and its chairman, U Zin Wine, also debated issues that should be addressed in the area of grading policies and changes to television and CCTV. In addition, the Director General of the Information and Public Relations Department, U Ye Naing, reviewed in detail the current legislation, regulations and codes of practice for the film and videocensorship authority during the reform phase, as well as changes to the TV and videoclip legislation for the meetings at all levels, which will take place on 9 March at the Ministry of Information.

Talks were co-ordinated by the Union Minister.

Cinematographers see a new kind of activity

Furious film actresses and producers demonstrated outside Yangon City Hall last weekend to demonstrate against the "dictatorial" Myanmar Motion Picture Organization. There was a clear stage for the duel when U Luu Min, leader of the protests on August 24, displaced a competitor, Daw San San Maw.

However, other movie professionals have followed her and condemned the management of the MPO as mysterious and at will. "Daw San San Maw, who was Yangon Regional Basic Video Board Chair until she was released on August 9, said, "The Chairman and CEO of Yangon Regional Basic Video Board is acting in secrecy and has no open relations with business.

It all began when she shot a minor, U Ne Win, on the orders of the CEO. "The next morning, U Ne Win and his associates had a meeting with the director of MMPO," said Daw San Maw. "I' m willing to declare why we canned him and provided the evidence, but the members of the Bureau didn't get in touch with me.

She said she tried to black out her name. Mr U Win Ko said the film industry has been suffering since the nomination of the new MPO Chairman and CEO, and new members should be made. Jaman, the proprietor of the film-producing firm, said: "We don't want to work under the U Luu Min. system.

What we need is an experienced and experienced chairman who can make the right choices. Kyaw Kyaw Kyaw Kyaw often acts as a side act in movies and said that the MMPO is expanding its provisions of censure too discriminatingly. Said the supporters' rule was not required of leading or leading roles and performers like him.

Filmmakers from Mon State and Ayeyarwady region also participated. One Mon State filmmaker, U Zaw Win, blamed the Mon Regional Basic Video Board for injustice in re-electing the Mon Regional Video Board. Myanmar MPO leader U Luu Min said the number of demonstrators did not reflect Myanmar's motion picture community.

MMPO has not been a federal agency since March last year and has become a non-governmental organization whose members were to be elected through elections. U Zin Wine, the first chairman, was given to U Luu Min in June last year for medical purposes.

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