Myanmat Movie

The Myanmat Film

Which films would you like to see this summer? This movie for kids? The San Francisco Chronicle's film critic.

MYANMAR' s Audio Posts Trip to the Film Industries - Production Resources

Combining a similar enthusiasm and a similar premonition for film post-production, the two businesses are committed to providing the Myanmar film and media industries with high-quality audiovisual content. It was the culmination of a common commitment that led to the signature of a cooperation contract in Yangon in November 2016. On 5 November 2016, a prestigeous media conference commemorating the new relationship took place at Mingalar Cineplex in Yangon.

Our invitees, among them regional news and entertainment companies, filmmakers, directors and VIPs, were amazed by our work. We have since worked with Silver Egg Post and supplied ten films from Myanmar. This film was formally opened on April 5, 2018 with a Grand Opening Gala at the Mingala Cineplex.

"I' " is an activity film by Lu Min with actresses:

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Myanmar Top Movies every year

Below is an annual list of information on films made by manufacturing firms located in Myanmar. This is a proportion that refers to the entire global cash register of films made by the producing firms in that particular year.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that videos co-produced by different nations are counted for the proportion of individual states. The information on the producing states in our data base is inaccurate. As a rule, these elements mean that the shares do not accumulate to 100% in a given year. Please click on the year to get a listing of all published videos this year.

Please click on the name of the movie to get information about it. Please note: Since we are still working on the research of producing nations, we consider this graphic as a betat version. Below is the highest winning movie starting with each character of the script made by Myanmar's manufacturing company, which includes co-productions with other nations.

You can click on the name of the movie to get to its page, or click on the letters at the beginning of each line for a listing of all films starting with that name. F2018Last yearAustria, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde, Chad, Cuba, Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Japan, Laos, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Peru, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, G2016Golden Kingdom of Myanmar, R2017Le RedoutableFrance,

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