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SITE has a strong commitment to terminating the accounts of repeated infringement where appropriate, and SITE will act promptly to block unauthorized use of any materials that infringe another party's copyrights in accordance with the procedures outlined in 17 U.S.C. ยง512. SITE' DMCA notification procedures are described in the previous section.

In the event that the notification does not conform to 512 of the DMCA but meets three requests to identify websites that violate 512 of the DMCA, the SITE will seek to communicate with the complainant or take other appropriate measures to assist him in complying with the notification requests.

If the designated agent is notified, the SITE will immediately block unauthorized use of the offending materials and try to contact the person in charge of delivering the Contents. Then the affected users can send a counter-notification to the designated agent containing a declaration that the users believes in good faith that the footage has been deleted due to incorrect identification of the tamper.

Once the Designated Agent has received the counter-notification, he will reactivate his or her right of recourse to the relevant materials within 10-14 workingdays from the date of receiving the counter-notification, unless the Designated Agent is notified that the complainant has lodged a legal challenge against the infringement. Where the SITE is not able to contact the person who is obviously in charge of creating the Site Materials, the SITE may instead contact the accountable support of the third parties' website operators as the user's representative.

If the recipient of a notice of alleged infringement ("Notice") considers that the Notice is incorrect or incorrect and/or that alleged infringement has been incorrectly deleted or unauthorized use has been made of the alleged infringement materials, the recipient is entitled to file a Notice in accordance with Section 512(g)(2)&(3) of the DMCA.

Notice to the recipient is the correct way to challenge the deletion or blocking of materials in accordance with a notice. Any information provided by a recipient in a counter-notification must be correct and true, and the recipient is responsible for any misrepresentation that may result in a claim being made against the SITE with respect to the action taken in reaction to the counter-notification.

In order to send a counter-notification, please enter the following information: a): a descriptive text of the materials that have been deleted or deactivated according to the notice; b) a descriptive text of where the materials were within the SITE before the materials were deleted and/or deactivated (preferably involving descriptive URLs associated with the materials); c) a declaration that reflects the recipient's beliefs that the deletion or deactivation of accessing the materials was erroneous.

"To the extent of my oath of perjury, do not believe that such materials have been deleted or deactivated by the Service Provider due to an error or incorrect identification of the or inactivation. d ) the recipient's actual postal and telephone number and e-mail addresses; and e) a declaration that the recipient agrees to the federal court's competence in and for the court area in which the recipient is situated, or, if the recipient is outside the United States, for each court area in which the ISP is situated, and that the recipient accepts delivery of the proceedings by the party who provided the notification or that person's representative.

Do not submit any other information or materials to the Walters Law Group 195 W. Pine Ave. dmca[at] adultwebmasternet[dot] dot ] do. Upon receipt of a DMCA-compliant counter-notification, our copyright commissioner-designate will forward it to us and we will then forward the counter-notification to the applicant who first sent the initial notice that identifies the reported offending work.

Thereafter, within ten to fourteen (10-14) business days after receiving a counter-notification, we will terminate our recourse to the objectionable materials, provided that we or our copyright agent designate have not been notified that the initial plaintiff has brought an action to prevent the recipient from performing an infringement act in relation to the materials.

Nothing in this communication and the takedown policy shall be construed or construed as a waiver of any right or remedy of the SITE.

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