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I' m travelling from Vietnam to Myanmar and trying to apply for Myanmar visas online because I don't have much time in Hanoi. For Myanmar Visa click here on arrival. Investigate the most important things in Mandalay

On-line for fast Myanmar visa On arrival: About the Union Of Myanmar Travel Association

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I' m traveling from Vietnam to Myanmar and trying to get Myanmar visas on-line because I don't have much free travel in Hanoi. Have you just found on Google-Find, any reports about their services? That is another article about their services in the Lonelyplanet forum: Exactly what my contribution says.

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Do not use the website.

They come back after a whole weekend and tell me that they can't help me with the real permit since I arrived in Mandalay. They' re sending me the paperwork to fill out and tell me to make the $30 visas on my return. While the website says they can only help if you get to Myanmar via Yangon, I agree with their apology.

I' m asking you to reimburse the $30 for the cost of the visas I have already charged you (I am not asking for a reimbursement of the cost of the service, although the services have not been provided in full). It' s been 2 month now, and I think I sent about 10 e-mails about the reimbursement - and nothing happens.

Burma E-Visa "Address in Myanmar"

Yes, I requested a visitor permit at, I don't know what it is, but it clearly doesn't work and wouldn't suggest this page to anyone. Anybody know what he's looking for in the Intersect labelled "Address in Myanmar"? They made me understand that the website I had enumerated was an operative, but they reassured me that they would do everything for the e-visa, even all the issues if my request was overruled.

Now, I see the only trouble was the firm. Anyway, I successfully filed the e-visa myself. Hello, I used this website a few nights ago to apply and receive my e-visa. And we and our boyfriends also had trouble until I found out that the trouble was that the Visacard refused the money.

After calling the Visa and telling them to await and authorise the transaction, everything went well. Please be aware that you should call them before trying to get the Myanmar visa. Don't make the Myanmar visa and then try to get the permit..........which causes a problem and a whole fortnight later we had to file a new request and we had to repay for it.

Hello, I did not have this issue with my Visa because I had already paid with my Myanmar Visa account. The only issue I booked on-line was for Golden Myanmar carriers, where they are not set up to do so.

I ended up using Myanmar's number just to get it through.

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