Burma Genocidal sergeants in an armed forces have begun to put forces in the guilty cell, not because they are concerned about respect for man. Eliot Engel's sanction laws provide the right answer to the military's assassination and expulsion campaigns in Myanmar. With the onset of the monsoons, tens of millions of refugees live in crowded Bangladesh centres threatened with an impending eruption of mistreatment.

The next of Myanmar's casualties will be other minority nationalities. The West, once trusted advocates of respect for mankind, was eaten up by a nativistic counter-reaction that left an open space for tyrants and populists. Apart from tough words, Washington has not yet imposed a sentence on Myanmar. Somebody stop the tragedy in Myanmar - before it's too late? No.

After the Rohingya abuse, the US gave Myanmar army support, but does anyone have enough influence to stop racial clean-up? Rohingya's distress is a scarce occasion of a period of global unification for Moslem states. Throughout Myanmar, the Myanmar army, aggravated by Islamic fighters, and ignited by Aung San Suu Kyi, have imprisoned tens of millions of Rohingya civilists in a vicious circle of war.

Peking is trying to end the long-standing conflict on the Myanmar frontier - but only because it can no longer freely utilize the regional population.

Myanmar's military leader adorns Thailand in the midst of the Rohingya crises

Myanmar's head of the armed services received a King's award on Friday in the midst of accusations of Burma's police force against Rohingya Muslims, which led to widespread internatioal convictions. Almost 700,000 Rohingya have escaped from Myanmar's Rakhine state and have escaped to Bangladesh since last August, when insurgency assaults on guard stations caused a strike that the United Nations said was ethnical cleansing, with accounts of incendiary attack, assassination and gangstery.

Burmese military supreme commandant, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, was awarded the Knight's Grand Cross (First Class) of the highest order of the White Elephant at a Bangkok ceremonial, according to the general's website. It also showed a photo of the Commander-in-Chief shook the hand of his Thailand colleague General Tarnchaiyan Srisuwan.

Buddhist majoritarian Thailand often gives regal decorations to the military leaders of other lands who are supporting of Thailand's Army, Thai military spokesperson Lieutenant General Nothapol Boonngam said. Burma Human Rights Network said Thailand has broken a "red line" by awarding the prize to the city of Thailand because Thailand is considered a haven by many Rohingya and other minorities who flee the persecutions in Myanmar, also a Buddhist majoritarian state.

Early this weeks, Thailand and the United States launched the yearly Cobra Gold training in Thailand - the biggest of its kind in the Asia-Pacific area. Myanmar hosted Cobra Gold's emergency aid and human aid as an observer, which led to criticisms from right-wing groups questioning why entry was granted to a force charged with racial cleanup.

Myanmar did not participate in any of the drills, the US Embassy in Bangkok said this past weekend.

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