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Telenor, Myanmar Net offers A-wa-thone files for the web user

The Telenor and Myanmar Net have teamed up to develop an'A-wa-thone Data' subscription for Telenors. We' re always striving to develop high-performance solutions that provide our clients with the means to keep in touch, and with A-wa-thone Data", all our clients can take advantage of Telenor's high-speed, award-winning Telenor Wi-Fi networking and get unrestricted Wi-Fi connectivity at no extra cost," said Joslin Myrthong, Chief Marketing Officer of Telenor Myanmar.

"Myanmar Net's Wi-Fi services will be easy and seamless for Telenor clients with A-wa-thone Data's plans," said Kyaw Min Tun of Myanmar Net. The' A-wa-thone Data' schedule has three different options: 300MB, 500MB or 2GB with different validity, so that the customer can make his own choices according to his preferred type of work. With the web on their wireless devices, Telenor's fast web speeds are available to consumers, and when they are in Myanmar Net's area, they can upgrade to Wi-Fi with unrestricted use.

In order to sign up for the schedule, clients must select *979*18# from their Telenor SIM and select one of the 3 items that appear on the display. An SMS will be sent if the subscriptions are made. Myanmar Telenor serves more than 19 million subscribers across the nation through its award-winning, high-speed Myanmar cellular phone system for 2017.

Telenor's 4G ecosystem is now successfully represented in nearly 140 locations across the state.

Buranmar Net - Broadband for the masses

We will today be reviewing the largest Myanmar retail ISP: Myanmar Net. The Myanmar Net was established in 2015 by Frontiir as a consumers' side. Fronttiir Communications is a major ICT supplier in Myanmar, operating solely in the business area. Frontiir has chosen to introduce a new franchise that aims to offer accessible service to the wholesale markets and to rival wireless carriers.

Thanks to its aggressive distribution and merchandising strategies, MyanmarNet has quickly become very well known. Highly proactive in community networking, with a powerful footprint in the new high-end Yangon wall (Myanmar Plaza), MyanmarNet is doing what it takes to tempt the millennia. Frontiir's éfant terrible was the first ISP to lower the entrance barriers below $100.

MyanmarNet, with a set-up price of 47,000 MMK, is a low-cost low-bandwidth wireless operator for the crowd. Technologically, Myanmar Net uses two different technologies to service its clients. The Myanmar Net is available in ten company and condominium properties in Yangon and is being expanded continuously:

Burma Net runs WiFi to link clients in the city centre. In contrast to Netcore, True Net or Bluewave Broadband, which work in Point to Multipoint 5GHz with directed antennae, Myanmar Net works in Dualband 2. The same 4/5Ghz "coverage mode" you would use to hook up your phone or notebook to the web.

Eliminate the need for hard set-up, remote antennas and wiring; a basic Wi-Fi wireless network is all you need to get connected to the web instantly. You can even establish a connection directly from your notebook if the sound is powerful enough. Myanmar Net's WiFi routers are very high quality: It' about $400.

How can MyanmarNet achieve such a low set-up charge? Routers are strongly subsidised. Fronttiir recognizes that the main cause why Myanmar Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are fighting for a launch is the high cost of installing it. In Myanmar, most people find it more comfortable to use low -cost, pre-paid and non-binding rates.

The use of information is soaring in Myanmar, but it is only thanks to MNOs. The prevalence of the use of wideband is still very low (less than 1% according to the latest formal report). In the view of the supplier, the provision of 2. When you use a Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Wi-Fi at home, you may already have a faint Wi-Fi output if you are one or two rooms away from your home theater.

So, think of the same WiFi Wi-Fi device that' s mounted on a mast on the road. Burma Net installs Wi-Fi points of entry on every power post in the city centre to ensure that every flat on these roads is sheltered. Although at first glance our customers' experience may seem good, our specialists are very doubtful that Myanmar Net will be able to provide an adequate level of support with this type of network management as well.

Because your Wi-Fi point is overcrowded with subscribers, your Wi-Fi will be slow. The signal becomes faint and your connection to the web slows down. One of the best - perhaps the best - WiFi providers, Ruckus is particularly good at handling many people who have little interferences. A further problem is that all MyanmarNet clients are hooked up to the same hot spot.

By the time you see the IT vulnerability messages, you already know that public WiFi is unsafe. Wi-Fi is vulnerability. It' very simple for a WiFi subscriber to claim to be his neighbour (Man in the Mids) and then catch communication by collecting sensible information like password or email. An increasing number of web sites are moving to HiTps to prevent such aggression.

However, it is not advisable to establish a link to your on-line banking or company e-mail from a hot spot. So, what do you do when the public Wifi is generally your home wideband connection? No. Looks like Myanmar Net is implementing Wifi protection: 802. 1x authentification. The Myanmar Net WiFi is currently available at the following locations:

These are the final step of the check: the list of services prices. and Mobile. When you choose to deploy Myanmar Net, it installs a routers at your home. You can use this Wi-Fi Wi-Fi network adapter to network your Myanmar Net home network. When you choose Mobile, you can directly access your Myanmar Net from your notebook or smart phone.

As you cannot split the link, this pricing is less expensive than the CPE pricing plan. Today, Myanmar Net is the most popular consumer-oriented Internet service provider in Myanmar. When you are a paranoiac (you should be) and still willing to try, we strongly suggest using a VPN link like Hola VPN if you want to gain unauthorized information.

If any of the above information is incorrect or inaccurate, we ask any of our providers to do so. We do not aim to advertise one ISP against another, but to be the most precise and comprehensive information resource on the Myanmar web-marketplace.

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